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How do I get to know the InPixio interface?

The user interface has been redesigned to simplify the manipulation and retouching of your photos:


Menus and the toolbar

The toolbar includes the following functions:



Takes you back to the Home screen, lets you access the application’s Options or the main functions you need to manipulate your photos.

Revert to the original:

Lets you restore your original photo at any time


Cancels your last action on your photo.


Redoes the canceled action.


Prompts you to save your retouched photo.


Prints your original or retouched photo on paper.

Single View:

Displays the alterations you have made to your photo in the preview window.

Switch views:

Switch between before and after views: Proposes a complete or split Before/After view as shown below.


Lets you share your work or continue retouching:

  • Publish your photo on social media,
  • Share easily by e-mail,
  • Use other modules to cut out or erase elements on your photo.
  • Online printing

Hide and show Tabs&filmstrip:

The workspace

By default, the workspace displays your photo in a Single view.

The alterations you have made to your photo are displayed simultaneously in the preview window.

Choose one of the views proposed on the view options toolbar to better judge your retouching work in the photo.

The navigator

Displays a precise zone of a photo. The navigator also lets you move around in the image and display the desired zone in the workspace. The zoom options let you adjust the amount of zoom to let you view the desired zone: a global view or a detailed view of your photo.


navigator blog

The filmstrip

The filmstrip toolbar offers the following options:




Navigation in your folders:

Displays all the images in a folder and opens them in the workspace.


Lets you add directories to Favorites so that you can find them quickly.


Sets the display order of the photos in the filmstrip. You can sort them by Name, Date or Size.


The tabs let you open different modules to retouch your photos.