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How To Remove The Background Of A Photo In Photo Studio

Photo Studio primarily lets you keep the best parts of your photos by cutting out the desired details or removing backgrounds. Different collages are at your disposal for creating original montages.

Photo Studio also lets you crop your photo, if necessary.

Cutting out with Photo Studio

Photo Studio prompts you to easily cut out the background of a photo and only keep the foreground, the family in the following example.

1. Open the photo you wish to cut out.




2. On the right-hand panel, click the Cut-out tab.

Cut-out tab in Photo Studio

3. Use the Mark the areas to erase tool (selected by default) and draw a line on the part of the photo background that you wish to remove.

Cut-out tool in Photo Studio

Photo Studio will automatically detect the rest of the decor to erase and the family is automatically cut out.




4. Place the cursor outside the photo to view the cut-out.

5. Mark another area to remove if necessary

6. Click the Save 

You can now choose a new decor in your own photos or use the backgrounds proposed on the Photomontage tab.

Creating a photomontage

Keep your cut-out photo open and let’s continue with the example of the family.
1. On the right-hand panel, click Photomontage to display the relevant.
2. Then click the decor of your choice on the tab.




You can select a decor from among your own photos by clicking +. Use the explorer window that pops up to open a background.
3. Use the handles to enlarge the foreground or click the family directly to move
4. Click the Save