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NEW VERSION : Editing photos and backgrounds is now child’s play with InPixio Photo Clip 8

The latest version of the InPixio Photo Clip 8 software enables distracting objects and people to be cropped and erased from existing photos in just a few clicks. In addition to batch processing, photo management and text integration, the user-friendly program also boasts some great new features for semi-professionals and amateur photographers

Photo enthusiasts often wish there were digital scissors and that unwanted people, unsightly backgrounds or inappropriate objects could be removed without affecting the quality of the image or leaving behind a gaping hole. This is where InPixio Photo Clip 8 Professional comes into its own, the perfect affordable and user-friendly solution for anyone wanting to enhance their images quickly and easily. The photo software includes a versatile digital cutting tool, which can be used to crop out any details, people, objects, or even entire scenes, in photos and erase distracting elements. Thus, unwanted objects can be erased and backgrounds replaced easily, and effects or filters can be applied to memories to create digital photomontages in no time at all.




In the Professional Version 8, InPixio Photo Clip offers a number of new features that even amateur photographers can use to remove distracting elements, backgrounds and people from their images very easily. In addition to brand new features, such as various filters and haze and noise reduction, there are new backgrounds for photomontages, a comprehensive user guide, detailed explanations and practical tips on how to use the product. As in the previous version, thanks to batch processing, any number of images can also be edited at once and text can be incorporated into the photographic works in InPixio Photo Clip 8.


Erase unwanted objects easily

with InPixio Photo Clip 8

Unwanted objects, e.g. signs, cables, unknown or unwanted people, or other elements that draw the eye away from the subject, can thus be erased very easily. With the automatic color recognition function, image elements against a single-color background can easily be erased with only one click. InPixio Photo Clip 8 also makes photo library management and organization incredibly simple. The newly created images can of course be saved and easily uploaded to social networks such as Facebook, Flickr and Picasa, etc.




With InPixio Photo Clip 8, there is no longer any need to worry about capturing that perfect picture in a crowded tourist spot on holiday. Just take a photo and erase all the distracting elements. Cutting out image objects carefully takes a lot of time and concentration. This stress can now be saved. Other image processing programs require a lot of training or the editing is clearly visible. This is not the case with InPixio Photo Clip 8. The technical features mean the areas of the image that need filling after the erasing are detected automatically so that the new photo looks natural and no traces of editing are visible.


Numerous new features make InPixio Photo Clip 8 an exceptional program on the market

New editing tools, such as the “selective retouching module”, provide graduated and radial filters and touch-up brushes. The sharpness module brings clarity to the photos, while the film grain module gives images an artistic or nostalgic effect by adding grain. And the new module for creative blur is a brand new way of fully or partially blurring photos – a very cool effect!




In addition, new templates for filters, frames and textures enable users to apply professional effects to their photos. Photos, cards and other personalized printed items can then be ordered via the user interface from an online print service with just a few clicks. Thousands of templates are provided for these. The ordered prints are delivered within 5 days guaranteed – worldwide!



New features in InPixio Photo Clip 8:

  • Duplication opacity and flow
  • Backgrounds for photomontages: 25 new backgrounds available: fun, science fiction, sport, festive, etc.
  • Noise reduction (Professional version only): Used to effectively reduce noise in photos taken in poor light.
  • Haze reduction (Professional version only): This touch-up tool for (atmospheric) haze limits or eliminates even unwanted haze effects on photos.
  • Share images via email: A new option in the sharing module to share optimized photos via email with Photo Clip
  • Crop images and rotate by 90°: Batch processing means these features can also be applied to several images at once
  • Sort photos and film: All photos in the folder currently displayed can be shown by name, date or size in ascending or descending order.
  • Improved, easier to use interface: The new version has been given a sophisticated user interface. The graphical elements have been redesigned with an artistic touch.
  • Dynamic user interface for Windows 10: The user interface is automatically adapted to the user’s selection.
  • Optimized user friendliness: New area for displaying photos, icons, tools and the loading bar


Advanced and improved features in InPixio Photo Clip 8:

  • Filters (Professional version only): +15 new templates created by our teams
  • Frames (Professional version only): +30 new frames created by our teams
  • Textures (Professional version only): +15 new templates created by our teams
  • Online print service: Order the following in just a few clicks via the user interface: photos, cards and other personalized items – thousands of templates available. Printed and delivered within 5 days guaranteed – worldwide!


New editing tools in InPixio Photo Clip 8 professional:

  • Selective retouching module: Graduated filters, radial filters, touch-up brushes
  • Sharpness module: Sharpens photos to show details better
  • Film grain module: Gives photos an artistic or nostalgic feel by adding grain
  • Creative blur module: A brand new module to fully or partially blur your photos.


Other main features of InPixio Photo Clip 8:

  • Erase background from image, cut out objects easily
  • Create photomontages, copy image sections and paste to empty parts
  • Function to “Share” to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.
  • Accurate selection using the lasso tool
  • Selection using paintbrush for large objects
  • Zoom/navigation for large images
  • Tutorial


Required configuration:

  • Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit) operating systems
  • Intel® or AMD processor
  • 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • 1 GB of free disk space
  • 1024 x 768 display
  • Internet connection to activate software


Price and availability:

InPixio Photo Clip 8 is available from early March 2018 and costs (RRP incl. VAT): $49.99 (Standard version) and $79.99 (Professional version).