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Photo Studio Tutorials

Using the Lasso selection tool

When you use the Erase tool in Photo Studio, the Brush is the default tool for selecting an object to remove. However, switching to the lasso tool can give you more control and make it easier to select certain objects. The lasso tool allows you to draw a free-hand line around any object in your photo.


Step 1 – Open the Erase tool

From the Photo Studio start screen, click the Remove objects tab, then click “Edit”. This will open a new window containing the erase tools.

Remove Objects tool


Step 2 – Select the lasso

Once inside the Erase tool, select the lasso from the options menu.

Lasso tool


Step 3 – Select the object to remove

Holding down the left mouse button, draw an outline around the object to remove. Finalize the selection by coming back to the start point. When the selection is closed, it will highlight.

Selecting an object


Step 4 – Erase

Once you have selected the object, click “Erase” to remove it.

Erasing an object


Step 5 – Save your edit

Now that the object has been removed, click “Save a copy” to return to the main Photo Studio workspace and continue editing your photo.

Save a copy


More selection tools

Photo Studio offers a total of 4 different selection tools: brush, rectangle, lasso and polygonal lasso. Try experimenting with the different options for removing different objects from your photos.

Selection tools