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Batch photo editing – a beginner’s guide

Do you have a set of photos that you want to edit in the same way? If so, you can save time and effort with batch photo editing.

Images batch edited with LUT style


What is batch photo editing?

Batch editing or batch processing is when you apply the same edits to multiple photos at the same time.

For example, if you find a preset that you like, you can use batch-processing to add this preset to several photos at once.


Why do batch editing?

Batch editing is useful when you have a large set of similar photos to edit. It saves you time by editing all your photos in one go.

It also makes it easy to get a consistent look across a set of photos, as the edits applied will be exactly the same.

For example, if you take a set of photos at a wedding, you may want to ensure that they are all edited in a particular style. Batch editing can help with this.


How to batch edit images in Photo Studio Pro


1. Edit a photo

Open your first photo and edit as usual with presets, effects etc. until you’re happy with the result. Now you can use batch processing to add the same edits to other photos.

Editing photo in Photo Studio workspace

2. Open the batch editing options

Go to the top left-hand menu and select “Batch process”. This opens an options window. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S.

Batch editing in Photo Studio menu

3. Add photos to process

Click “add” under “photos to process” and import all the photos that you want to batch edit. You can remove an image by highlighting it in the list and clicking “Remove”.

Batch editing options - add photos

4. Choose the destination folder

In “Export to” select the folder where you want to save your edited photos. For example select “original image folder” to save them to the same folder.

inPixio renames the edited images with the suffix “_inPixio” in order to preserve your original copies. If you like you can change the suffix in the box provided.

5. Additional options

You can adjust settings for image format and quality in “File settings”. You can also batch resize your images, if desired.

Batch editing options - export

6. Export images

Once you’ve chosen your settings, click “Export images” to start batch processing. You will find your edited images in the previously selected folder.

Images before batch editing

Images batch edited with LUT style


Which edits can you batch process?

In Photo Studio Pro, you can batch process photos with these edits:

  • Adjustments (exposure, contrast, saturation etc.)
  • Selective retouching
  • Corrections (dehaze, sharpness etc.)
  • Effects (blur, film grain etc.)
  • LUT Styles
  • Textures
  • Frames
  • Presets


Which edits can you not batch process?

It is not possible to batch edit background/sky changes or erase/clone changes. This kind of edit usually needs an individualized approach for each photo.