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How to change a color photo to black and white

Black and white photos are timeless and represent a true artistic choice that can lend a special beauty to your photos.

But to get a quality black and white photo, you need to do a little bit of editing work. In fact, there are multiple shades of monochrome, and that’s what we’ll look at in this simple tutorial, suitable for beginners.

To follow along and test this tutorial in real time, you can download the free trial version of Photo Studio below:


Method n°1 – Adjust saturation

1- Open the photo you want to edit: click “open” and select the photo of your choice from your computer.

2- In the right-hand panel, select the “Adjustments” tab, then move the saturation slider to -100% to change from a color photo to a black and white one.

Removing saturation to create a black and white photo


3- Once the saturation is at -100%, we will adjust other settings to edit our photo in more detail. These adjustments are important because they give the image a more artistic look.

For example, by adjusting hue, blacks or whites, we can bring out one of the two colors more.
Exposure, highlights and shadows allow us to accentuate brightness or alternatively, to darken the image.

In the image below, we wanted to further bring out whites and give more clarity to the image.

Adjusting the black and white photo


With this first method, we’ve seen how you only have to adjust a few sliders to get a black and white photo worthy of a professional!

Easy, don’t you think? What’s more, method number 2 is just as simple!


Method n°2 – Apply a LUT Style

1- Open the color photo that you want to edit, as shown in method 1

2- Staying in the right-hand panel, this time choose the “Styles (LUTs)” tab.

LUTS add preset styles to your images for a creative look. Several styles are available in Photo Editor. Scroll down the list of LUTs until you reach the “black and white” section.

Next select the LUT style that best suits your photo from the black and white options.

You can then set the intensity of your edit by adjusting the “amount” slider underneath the LUTs.

Using a black and white LUT style


3- Adjust settings

If you think that your photo needs a few more adjustments, go back to the Adjustments tab in the right-hand panel.

Then customize the hue, temperature, exposure, and clarity of your image again by moving the sliders.

Now you know all there is to know about Black and White photo editing in Photo Studio!

Finished black and white photo of lion

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