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How to make a unique photomontage with an iceberg effect

Learn to create an iceberg effect with this photo editing tutorial

Welcome to this tutorial! Thanks to Photo Clip, you will discover how to create a photomontage with an iceberg. If you want to make fun photomontage easily, this tutorial is for you.
To remind you; Photo Clip professional includes Photo Cutter, Photo Editor, Photo Eraser and Instacard.

Step 1

Open Photo Cutter
Go in the module “Crop“, use the custom crop.

  1. Define a custom crop; 1919×1068.
  2.  Click on crop to apply.


Step 2

  1. Go to the module “Photomontage“.
  2. Click on the + to select your background from your computer. You have to choose a background with a black line in the middle and with a pale color underneath to create the underwater effect. Choose a background twice longer than your original photo. (You will find all the images you need at the end of this tutorial).
  3. Select your new background.
  4. Place your iceberg just above the black line.
  5. Save your picture, you will need it for the next step.


Step 3

Open a new file in Photo Cutter.Choose the tree image.

Go in the module “Cut Out“, use the tool paint areas to remove. Here we want to keep the tree only.

Start with a thick brush paint (240 pixels), normal quality and 25% for the Edge blur.



Then to remove finer part of your background. You must use a finer brush  (up to 5 pixels), you will have to adapt according to the area. At the same time, your Edge Blur must be more precise, it’s proportional for a 5 pixels size brush to use an 11% Edge Blur. Don’t forget to adapt it to each situation, zooming in and out will help you be more precise.

Like the example below:



Step 4

  1. Go in the module “Photomontage“.
  2. Pick up your previous saved image with the iceberg and the pale background.
  3. Select your background
  4. Click on the upside down arrow


To continue …

  1. Resize your image to create a beautiful composition.
  2. Save your work, you will need it for the next step when you will open Photo Editor.


Step 5

  1. Open Photo Editor.
  2. Open a new file. Choose your iceberg and tree image that you have saved previously.


In Photo Editor

1. Go in the module “Adjustment

To create a black and white effect you have to adjust:

Temperature 0
Hue 0
Brightness +10
Contrast -50
Shadows -40
Highlights -60
Clairity 0
Saturation -100

2. Save your work to finish



You have now finished your editing with Photo Clip!

Now try it for yourself and practice! ?

Find the original photo below :