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Photo Studio Tutorials

Re-editing pictures and using projects

Sometimes you might want to go back to a picture that you edited before, and make some changes. The good news is that inPixio lets you pick up where you left off. It is possible to modify previous edits, as well as add new ones.

Edited photo with frame in workspace


Continue editing a photo

To continue working on a photo that you previously edited, all you need to do is re-open the original photo. inPixio will automatically display the image with your previous edits.

  • To change an existing edit, go the corresponding tab.
  • For example, to change a crop setting, first click the Crop tab. Then you will be able to change the crop dimensions. Readjusting crop settings on a photo
  • If you want to undo all your previous work, simply click “Revert to original” in the top toolbar. Revert to original icon in the top toolbar

Note: when re-editing a photo, make sure that you open the original photo. If you edited a photo and saved it with a new name, the renamed version will be “fixed” with the new edits. You can continue working on it, but you cannot alter the existing changes.


Project files in inPixio

When you edit a photo, inPixio automatically creates an .ipe file of your image. This is a project file containing your edits. This file will be stored in the same folder as your original image.

Image files and ipe project file displayed in folder


For quick access to your project, double click on the .ipe file to open the edited image directly in your inPixio software.


Viewing your previous edits

It’s easy to see which photos have been edited and how by looking at the tabs in the right-hand panel.

If a photo has been edited, the tab used will display a blue marker.

Tabs with blue markers representing an edit


You can also see if you have already edited a photo by looking in the filmstrip or in “recent files” on the home screen.  All previously edited photos will contain a small Adjustments icon.

Adjustments icon on image in the home screen