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Photo Studio for Windows
  • AI background and sky replacement
  • Erase unwanted objects
  • One-click image correction
  • Advanced filters and effects

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Change backgrounds easily with AI
inPixio's AI deletes your original image background automatically so there's no complex or time-consuming editing to do and no need for Photoshop! Then you can move on to choosing a new background for your image.
Portrait Background Change
Changed Background of Portrait Image
Add background to photo for a new look
Once the AI has done its work you will have an image with a transparent background. You can choose to download this and add it to your own background image or wallpaper. Or you can select one of our high-quality photo backgrounds and save your finished picture with the new background change.
How to change the background of a picture
  1. Upload the image that needs the photo background change
  2. inPixio automatically makes the background transparent
  3. If necessary, perfect the selection with the markers
  4. Click a new background to apply it to your photo
  5. Download your finished photo
Background Changed To Stars
Replace picture backgrounds and create amazing new images
Does your photo look a bit boring? Why not change your background image to create a cool new picture. With our Change Background tool, it only takes a few clicks to replace a background with a new image. Learn more about background editing for your personal photos.
Change image background for professional photos
Easily get a transparent background, then paste your images onto solid color backgrounds or custom backgrounds and wallpapers. This is an easy way to create product photos and marketing materials. Learn more about using inPixio for your
e-commerce and business images.
Change Background Of Watch Photo

+ - Change background of photo: tips for success

Fine tune your cut-out
Our background changer gives you complete control over your photo background removal. After you remove the background from your image, you can use the red and green markers to edit and improve the automatic selection made by the AI. Use the red marker to erase more areas of the photo background. Use the green marker to recover more parts of the image foreground. Don't forget to zoom in and adapt brush size for higher accuracy!
Use edge smoothing
Sometimes, when you paste your cut-out onto a new background, you can tell that it wasn't part of the original image. This is where edge smoothing comes in. Feathering the edges of your subject can help it "blend in" better with the new background. Check the Adjust box and increase or decrease the amount of smoothing with the slider.
Choose a complimentary background color
For the best results with changing a background, choose a new backdrop that highlights your subject. Simple colors and motifs are often best for portrait and product photos as they help put the focus on your subject.

+ - Replace photo background: FAQs

How to change the background of a picture for free?
Many sites offer free background change, but often these sites reduce the quality of the final image. For HD quality background replacement that's 100% free, inPixio's Remove Background is the perfect background changer.
What is the best app to change photo background?
Most photo editing programs include background remover software. inPixio's photo editor for Windows, Photo Studio, has powerful tools to remove and replace backgrounds as well as skies. Read more about the best free photo editing apps for download.
How to change background of photo to white
With our free tools you can delete the backdrop of your photo to create a clean image. Then it's easy to paste this onto any new image, or onto a plain white background. White backgrounds are particularly popular in product photography.