Get more from your photos.

Everyone has a photo with that stranger in the background, a car driving by, or house behind us under construction.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take those unwanted images completely out of your picture, erase your entire background, or even change your background to make it look like you are somewhere else? Well now you can do it all quickly and easily with Photo Clip.



Key Features

  • Remove Image Backgrounds
  • Cutout Defined Objects Easily
  • Compose Photo Montages
  • Software Improvement Updates

System Requirements

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

  • 1 GHz Intel® Pentium® processor or equivalent
  • 1 GB RAM CD/DVD ROM drive
  • 100 MB hard disk space, mouse and keyboard
  • Internet connection

  • Clone Image Sections To Fill Space
  • Comes With Practical Tutorials
  • Save Multiple Projects
  • Drag & Drop For Optimal Control
  • Precision Selection With Lasso Tool
  • Use Paint Brush For Large Objects
  • Zoom/Navigate Large Images
New features in inPixio Photo Clip 9
  • inPixio® One-Click Image Correction – PRO version only
  • Correction Patch
  • Photo Montage
  • “Text & Stickers” tools– PRO version only
  • Color Effects (LUT) – PRO version only
  • Automatic Red Eye Correction – PRO version only
  • +30 Support videos
  • 90° Rotation and Symmetry
  • User guides
  • Speed and performance
  • Ergonomics
  • New visual identity
  • Textures & backgrounds for your Montages

Remove unwanted objects like magic!

Completely remove unwanted objects from your picture. Signs, wires, people, or any image that distracts you from what you are trying to capture.

Images against a single coloured background can be easily extracted with one click thanks to the automatic colour detection function.

Cut-out in a few clicks!

Cut-out any detail, person, object or landscape element from your photos. Select the shape of the object thanks to the cursor or the background to remove, Photo Clip algorithm runs automatically!

You can also use the “retention” cursor for important details to keep and get a successful clipping! Even fine details such as hair can be removed with amazing precision. Then simply paste the cut objects on any background to make collages or photomontages – in just 1-click!

Create impressive photomontages

With Photo Clip you can use these removed objects in other images to create photo-montages or collages.

Allowing you to create impressive photo-montages!

The edge smoothing allows you to intelligently smooth contours for a softer transition between the subject and the background, for even more successful integration into your photo-montage.

InPixio® One-Click Image Correction – New! – PRO version only

Amazing pictures in just one click – using 100% automatic smart technology! Improve the quality and the colors of your pictures in less than 1 second thanks to our fully automatic process. You no longer have to be a Photoshop expert to create perfect photos!

New version - New features in inPixio Photo Clip 9

+30 Support videos New!

“Text & Stickers” tools New! – PRO version only

Correction Patch New!

Color Effects (LUT) New! – PRO version only

Photo Montage New!

Automatic Red Eye Correction New! – PRO version only

inPixio Photo Clip 9
New Features and Improvements

Retouch your photos and apply effects

With the pro version of InPixio Photo Clip one can modify images with +100 effects & filters.

This version includes a complete editing tool to allow you to edit, enhance, & touch-up photos. You may also want to try our main photo editor software for free.


Remove objects, replace backgrounds and build amazing photo montages you can share!

Order your version of Photo Clip today!