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Kelly – 8th August 2016

I found the perfect software to correct my photos!

art1I have been passionate about photography since I was very young, but always thought it was just for the elite, people who had lots of money… Not only is the equipment expensive, but so are correction software products…

After years without setting hands on a single camera, the desire to take up photography again naturally returned after the birth of my children, who became my primary subjects for portraits and other types of shots.

The problem with my dear toddlers, as with many children, is that they are not easy to photograph when they are moving, for example when they are playing. I often ended up with photos ruined by unsightly items in the background or unknown people in public places.

During a conversation with a friend who is also passionate about photography, the issue of using photo correction software came up. Recalling the prices charged by software vendors at the time, I was not too excited about the idea.

So I got on the Internet to do some research. My first instinct was to visit the Photoshop website, the professional software with which all photography enthusiasts are familiar. The first catch was that I had forgotten how complex the software was. I am not a computer expert and quickly felt a bit lost. Secondly, the basic product offered on the site costs $146 per year. Too expensive and includes a subscription. No way…

While searching again on the Internet, I came across a software product called Photo Clip (download here). And what a nice surprise! After giving it a try, it was exactly what I expected of photo correction software. It has a user-friendly interface and all the main tools I need to correct my photos.

Here is a link to download the software:

The software has features that I had never seen anywhere else. I simply use the brush tool to color the elements I want to remove and…with one click, the unwanted item disappears from my photo! The background is automatically generated and I can tell you that it’s very effective for removing people in the background from photos of my children.

What you need to know:
I find Photo Clip to be both easy-to-use and full-featured. Among other things, it lets you create photomontages quite easily and, above all, very fast, and the result is guaranteed.

You can use a demo version to test Photo Clip. The publisher even offers to reimburse you if you are not satisfied!

If like me you want to get down to basics to improve your photos, I strongly recommend Photo Clip.