The secret to perfect product photos? Use a Background Remover!

Removing an image background is the simplest way to get professional looking product shots that will boost your conversions.

Photo Studio for Windows
  • AI background and sky replacement
  • Erase unwanted objects
  • One-click image correction
  • Advanced filters and effects

Make your product photos shine

If you sell via Amazon or eBay, then clean images can help project a professional image to potential customers.

By using a background remover, you can:

  • Get rid of distractions in your photos
  • Get clear and consistent white backgrounds
  • Make photos that meet the guidelines of ecommerce sites
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Save time on photography

Let’s face it, taking product photos is time consuming and not loads of fun. Using a background remover can make the whole process much more efficient. You no longer have to spend hours setting up your shoot if your background isn’t perfect first time, you can remove and replace it later.

Boost your E-Commerce activity

Background less photos come in handy for all kinds of marketing materials. You can combine them with a new background to make a product catalogue. Or why not add text , logos etc. to create original banners, social media posts, or lifestyle pictures. Take your e-commerce images to the next level!

Why inPixio?

inPixio uses a smart algorithm to detect and erase background areas but unlike some background removers it also lets you make your own adjustments, giving you full control over the result.

With the zoom and feathering functions, you can get into the smallest areas for a smooth and professional looking result.

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