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Designing the right visuals for your blog, YouTube channel or online publication is crucial to attracting and keeping your audience. inPixio Remove Background is a convenient free tool that can help you prepare professional images for your media activity.

Remove background distractions

Focus on what’s important in your photo by erasing a busy background. You can add an image cutout to any new backdrop to create a professional photo. Whether it’s a portrait of an interviewee or a product picture, create clean and attractive visuals for your content.

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Design eye-catching visuals

Images such as video thumbnails present a snapshot of your content and invite that all important click in the search results. Personalizing your visuals with image cutouts can help make your content stand out from the crowd. Then all you have to do is add text.

Create original blog graphics

Why not step away from the stock photos and use your own images in your blog and social media posts. Even if you’re not much of a photographer, a background remover can help clear up an unappealing background and leave you free to arrange your pictures to fit your content.

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girl in Parka girl in Parka no background
Publish faster

Whether it’s a news story, video, or meme, speed is of the essence in the media world. inPixio Remove Background can help take the heavy lifting out of design so you can publish faster. You no longer need a graphic designer to remove backgrounds. Smart technology makes it possible to achieve a high-quality image cutout in a few clicks.

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Go further with inPixio Photo Studio

If you’re looking for more ways to get creative with your photos, then you should check out our Photo Studio program.

inPixio Photo Studio combines easy background removal with all the tools you need to make amazing photos and photomontages.

Choose from a wide range of original backgrounds, edit and arrange your cutouts, add text and clipart all in one place.

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