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With inPixo's transparent background maker you can make transparent png images online for free.


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Do you want to keep your subject but remove the image background? Whether it's for a logo, web design or just for fun, inPixio's AI-powered remove background tool makes image backgrounds transparent in seconds. You can then use your see-through images in new creations and designs.

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After you've made your image transparent, you can download it free. You can also change your background by picking a new one from a selection of fun images. Test different backdrops until you find the perfect match for your photo, or download multiple versions of your image.

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How to make a transparent background

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    1. Upload image to remove background. inPixio's AI automatically makes the image transparent

  • Handbag remove background

    2. If necessary, adjust the selection using the markers

  • Handbag without background

    3. Download your transparent image as a png file

+ - Frequently asked questions about transparent photos

What is a transparent background called?
An image with a see through background is often a transparent png. PNG is one of the most commonly used image formats that support background transparency.
How do I make a logo transparent?
To make a logo transparent, you can also use an online tool. Upload your logo to the transparent background maker, and if necessary adjust the foreground selection. Then download your logo in png format. Now it's ready to use with any new background.
How can I make a product image transparent?
To make a product photo transparent first remove image background, then save the see through picture as a png file. Making picture backgrounds transparent is a good way to spotlight a product.
How to make a white background transparent
If you want to make your background transparent instead of white, simply remove the background and save your image in png format. You can use a free transparent background maker to do this.
What file types have transparent backgrounds?
Two popular image file formats that support transparency are PNG and GIF. PNG and GIF images tend to be heavy so making them transparent is one way to reduce file size, increase loading speed and make the images easier to share. Other file formats that support transparency include TIFF and BMP as well as vector formats such as SVG.
Is PNG transparent?
PNG is a file format that supports transparency but not all PNG images are transparent. To make a PNG image transparent, simply remove the background.
Can a JPG be transparent?
Standard JPG files cannot be transparent, though they have other advantages such as being lighter weight and easier to share.
Can I convert a JPG to a transparent PNG file?
It's easy to make a jpg image transparent by removing the background and saving the image in png format. Alternatively you can first convert jpg to png with an online converter tool, before removing the background to make the picture transparent.
What other tools can you use to make a transparent background?
If you're ready to go beyond the free online transparent background maker, you can use download software or apps to get an even better result. For example, check out inPixio's best software with easy tools to make an image transparent, Photo Studio.