Erase in just a click

No more missed shots!

Photo Studio

  • Erase unwanted objects and people from your photos
  • Edit out distractions such as cables and signposts
  • Retouch portraits by erasing wrinkles and blemishes
  • Get rid of scratches and stains from old photos

Clear away unwanted objects or people with Eraser

The Erase function allows you to delete any object or person from your picture whilst keeping its full quality. The selection tool includes an automatic detection of colours that helps you retouch the photo.

Photo Studio simply erases the selected parts and/or restores the background.
Correct any blemishes with the Clone Stamp tool.

Examples of uses:

  • Remove traffic lights, signs or wires
  • Remove scaffolding or shadows
  • Remove text, data, logos and watermarks

Improve your photo in a few clicks only!

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and clear up minor blemishes.

Use the Erase function to retouch portraits too. Clear up minor blemishes and reduce the appearance of wrinkles – just like the glossy magazines do!

Fix old photos

Use the Erase function to rid old photos (that have previously been digitalised) of scratches, stains and other imperfections. It’s the perfect way of keeping your old family photos safe!

Photo Studio is very helpful in enhancing your old photos:

  • After scanning your photos, restore your photos with inPixio Photo Studio!
  • Outline the damaged parts of your photos. Set the cursor size, you will get the perfect results even on the smallest scratches.
  • Simply click on "Erase" to start restoring your photo. All the scratches, stains and other defects will have been removed.

Remove objects, replace backgrounds and build amazing photomontages you can share!

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