Remove Background from Images and Photos

Get a high-quality photo cut-out in seconds with inPixio’s background remover!

Photo Studio Photo Editing Software

  • Remove background from image in one click with the photo cutter tool
  • Make your portraits pop by changing photo background
  • Design creative montages with your photo cut-outs
  • Edit product photos, remove background for Amazon, eBay pages etc.

Create perfect portraits with easy background removal

Changing photo backgrounds helps put your subject in center stage. With inPixio’s background remover, you can turn an average snapshot into a clean, professional looking portrait. All you need to do is:

  1. Remove background from image with the photo cutter
  2. Choose a new background image that helps your subject shine

What’s more, you can use the photo eraser tools to help retouch your pictures. Your portraits will be ready to frame, or even use on your LinkedIn page.

Get creative with photo cut-outs

inPixio’s background remover app is the perfect tool for cutting out parts of a photo and creating amazing collages and photomontages on your laptop or computer. Simply remove background from image to get a transparent photo cut-out that’s easy to reuse in any type of picture. Combine multiple images and add text and clipart to design unique pictures to share with friends and family.

Easy background removal for e-commerce photos

Boost your e-commerce activity! With a photo editor to remove backgrounds, you can create all kinds of marketing materials using your own photos. Why not edit photo backgrounds to make a product catalogue. Or add text, logos etc. to create original banners, social media posts, or lifestyle pictures. Take your e-commerce images to the next level with inPixio’s simple photo eraser tools!

Remove objects, replace backgrounds and build amazing photomontages you can share!

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