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PNG to WebP Converter FAQs

What is WebP file format?

WebP is a Google image format designed for the web. It uses lossy and lossless compression to create images that have a smaller file size, while maintaining good image quality.

Why does WebP exist?

Relying on images with a large file size, such as PNG, slows down the loading speed of web pages, which can cause frustration for users. To avoid this, when you convert PNG files to WebP format, the files are compressed. Unlike some forms of compression, WebP files keep enough image quality for display on websites.

How to open a WebP file?

To open a WebP file that you have downloaded, simply double click the file. The WebP image will open in your default web browser.

What does WebP stand for?

WebP is pronounced “weppy”. Google doesn’t officially state what the P stands for, but suggestions include “photo” and “picture”.

Can I convert JPG images to WebP?

Yes, as well as converting PNG to WebP, it is possible to convert WebP to JPG or vice versa.

What browsers support WebP image format?

Most major browsers support WebP images. These include Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Does inPixio provide other image converters?

The PNG to WebP converter is just one of several image converters offered by inPixio. Why not also try, JPG to PDF or JPG to PNG.