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How to convert PNG to PDF

1. Choose a file

Convert PNG to PDF: drag and drop your PNG file into the PDF converter box or upload a PNG file directly from your computer to convert PNG to PDF file. You can also select your PNG image to convert to PDF from a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox. By simply dragging and dropping your file or uploading a PNG to our online PDF converter tool, our PDF converter tool will automatically begin to convert your PNG into a PDF file.

2. Download or send the PNG to PDF file by email

inPixio provides our users with a few options for retrieving their newly converted from PNG to PDF file. Once uploaded and the convert PNG into PDF task has been completed in a few seconds, you can view your brand-new PDF file format by downloading the file directly onto your computer. We can also send you a link to your PNG to PDF file via email. Please note that the link we send you to access your PDF convert file will only be accessible for 24 hours.

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The PNG format has a history

Now that you know how to PNG to PDF convert, learn about the history of PNG images, which stands for “Portable Network Graphics". This file was first introduced to the world in 1996, and has now been around for more than 20 years!.

This file format is a lossless data format. This means that when you convert this file to PDF, the quality of the original image the file was converted from does not get altered. A PNG image can be more or less compressed in order to adjust its size. However, the compression factor only influences how fast the image can be decoded and viewed, and will not affect the quality of the image itself.

Avanquest processes your images in order to provide you with the service requested, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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Quality control & preserved properties

inPixio ensures that the quality of your file remains the same after conversion. Our tool will preserve the properties of your original file that has now been converted into a PDF. Our PNG converter doesn’t compress the image while converting it to PDF so the image retains its original quality. Your image will convert to PDF file size but maintain the original quality of your files. We’ll barely change a thing! Image or file size and orientation will also remain intact when your image is being converted. Our online PDF conversion tools are easy solutions for when you need to quickly convert your files with just one click of a button! If you need photo editing solutions, be sure to give inPixio a try. Our photo software Photo Studio is an advanced and feature-rich Windows desktop application.

Keep on converting to & from PDF files

inPixio offers powerful PDF to image converters to satisfy all your converting needs! You can choose to convert PDF files into PNG, convert JPG-to-PDF, BMP, and TIFF formats. Want to convert more image files? Try our easy-to-use JPG to PDF online converter tool for FREE*!

We even have a GIF to PDF converter that you might enjoy as well, should you have other image formats that you need to quickly convert into a PDF file online and in just a few seconds.

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Discover our other online tools

inPixio has other tools to not only convert photos but to add text over images, create Memes and remove backgrounds from images. Uploading files to these tools is as easy as a simple drag and drop. Our online tools are FREE* to use and are here to support you with any and all of your creative needs. Try using inPixio tools from any device or download our advanced and multi-featured desktop application, Photo Studio for Windows or Mac.

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