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Photo Studio Tutorials

How to change a photo background

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to change a photo background by cutting out and isolating your subject, then choosing a new backdrop.

Before and after background change

To follow along and test this tutorial in real time, download the free trial version of Photo Studio below:

How to change a photo background in 5 Steps

Follow these simple instructions to remove your original photo background and add a new one.

Step 1 – Open Photo Cutter

Start by opening the Photo Cutter program. Then open the photo that you want to edit.

Photo Cutter icon and home menu

Step 2 – Erase photo background

You can remove the background of your photo using the markers in the cut-out tool.

Cut-out markers

  • Use the red marker to paint areas you want to remove

Photo Studio will automatically detect similar areas to speed up the removal process.

Remove markings on photo

  • Use the green marker to paint areas you want to keep

If Photo Cutter accidentally deletes an area you want to keep, you can bring it back with the “mark areas to keep” brush.
Close up of "keep" markings on photo

Tip: if you paint too much, you can correct this with the “Erase the marking” brush.

Step 3 – Switch to Photomontage tab

When you’re happy with your cutout click save. Then click the Photomontage tab in the the right-hand panel (icon with mountains).

Photomontage icon

Your isolated cutout image is automatically placed onto a default background.

Step 4 – Choose a new background

Choose a new background from the selection in the right-hand panel. Click any background to add it to your photo.

Photomontage tab closeup

You can also add a color background, or upload your own photo to use as a background.

Tip: use the handles to position your cutout against the new background.

Placing the cutout on the photomontage

Step 5 – Save your photomontage

Don’t forget to save your finished photo with a new name!

Click the save button (disk icon) then select size and quality options.

Save icons and options


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