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How to change a photo background

There are many reasons why you might want to change the background of a photo. Here are just a few examples:

  • If the background contains items that distract from your subject.
  • When you need a plain white background. This is common for product and e-commerce photos.
  • When creating graphics such as a birthday card or flyer.
  • Just for fun!


Before and after changing the background


In Photo Studio Pro, it’s easy to change a photo background. inPixio’s AI automatically removes your old background and lets you add a new one.

If you don’t already own Photo Studio Pro, why not download the free trial version to test the background changer tool.


5 basic steps for changing a photo background



1. Open your photo and go to the “Backgrounds” tab

Original image in the workspace


2. Click “Replace automatically”. This opens a new window and removes the existing background Result of AI background removal


3. If needed, activate “Fine-tune selection” and use the markers to adjust the selection (more details below)

Fine-tuning the background removal


4. Click “Continue,” then select a new background image or color (more details below)

After background change - new background image


5. Click “Save a copy” to return to the main Photo Studio workspace


Adjusting your selection manually

Photo Studio Pro now uses AI technology to automatically make your background transparent.

However, you may sometimes need to make small adjustments to select exactly the right area of the picture to remove.

You can do this easily using the red, green and yellow markers in “Fine-tune Selection”.

Close up of Subject selection

  • Delete areas you don’t want in your selection with the red marker
  • Bring back areas that were deleted by accident, using the green marker
  • Use the yellow marker to increase feathering around unclear edges, such as hair

Tip: use the “brush size” slider to make your marker smaller, and access small areas more easily.


Choosing a new background

When changing your background in Photo Studio, you have multiple options. For example, you can:

  • Select a new background image from the pictures provided
  • Choose a plain color background in the “Color” tab After background change - new background color
  • Select “Blur” to keep the original background image but blur it. After background change - background blur

You can also use your own images as backgrounds.


Using your own picture as a background

You can use any image you like as your new background. To use your own picture:

  1. Remove your background following the basic steps above
  2. Click “Add” in the “My Images” section (above the background images)

Close up of background images

This lets you upload a picture which Photo Studio automatically inserts as your new background.


Note: the AI Background tools are available only in the Pro and Ultimate versions of Photo Studio. In the Standard version of Photo Studio, you can use the Photomontage tab to cut out a photo and add it to a new background.


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