State-of-the-art HDR

Eclipse HDR Pro puts you back in control of your photos. There has never been a faster or easier way to create professional HDR images.

With full control over lighting and exposure, you can achieve a new level of creativity with your RAW and HDR projects.

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HDR ToneMapping Engine™

HDR ToneMapping Engine™

Easily re-expose your images without compromising on detail and color.

Eclipse HDR provides full resolution tone mapping in real time. No halo, no color shift, just balanced and natural-looking HDR images.

You can see the results in the image to the left.

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HDR Image 1
HDR Image 1
HDR Image 1
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RAW Photo Processing

Eclipse HDR comes with a complete RAW and image processing module that lets you optimize your RAW images.

Precision-edit color, brightness and saturation in specific areas of your photos with the wide selection of curves. You can completely transform colors in your images without branding or artifacts.

Eclipse HDR Pro supports over 600 cameras. To read the full list click here.

50+ spectacular features for all your HDR editing needs.

Custom Presets. Batch Mode & Raw Processing.
Advanced Tonemapping Management. Color Equalizer. Ultra-wide chromatic scale.


Over 40 Creative Presets

Eclipse HDR comes ready to use with a wide range of effects and HDR Styles to play with!

From natural to surreal!

Eclipse HDR does both – you can correct and enhance your photos while keeping a natural, realistic look.
Or you can go wild and create stunning surreal effects that will turn your photos into works of art.

HDR ReLight HDR ReLight HDR ReLight HDR ReLight

HDR ReLight

Switch on (or off) the lights wherever you want them in your photo!
HDR ReLight automatically detects ambient light sources in your photos and lets you edit the white balance, temperature, tint and intensity to stunning effect.
Switch daytime to night, or totally change the color of your lighting. You can even use this function to create studio-quality pictures with a basic lighting set-up.

HDR ReLight
ReLight 1
ReLight 2

HDR DeNoise

Denoising can sometimes mean lost details, but not with Eclipse HDR.

This powerful feature processes multiple RAWs or JPEGs to correct noise and grain in your photos with no over-smoothing or artifacts.

Now you can admire every detail of your evening and nighttime shots.

No noise reduction
Regular Noise Reduction
With Eclipse HDR PRO
HDR DeNoise
No noise reduction

HDR for all your needs

Eclipse HDR has already proved to be one of the best and most versatile HDR tools available today. This easy-to-use software is perfect for enhancing all kinds of photographs, including landscape, interior, panorama, architecture and real estate to name just a few.

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Create professional HDR photos with advanced RAW processing

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