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Photo Focus Tutorials

How to add a vignette to a photo

You can add an artistic and rewarding touch with the vignetting technique. Vignetting darkens the corners of a photo.

Step 1

Click on OPEN… in the main interface to select a photo.

Step 2

Click on the VIGNETTING module, then use the setting bars to create a vignetting effect.
Move the slider to the right to define the brightness level of the photo’s corners, or to the left to choose the darkness level of the photo’s corners.

You can fine-tune your vignetting using the setting bars:

Mid Point
Move the slider to determine how far from the centre of the photo the vignetting effect will start. Move it to the right to reduce the vignetting effect, or to the left to create vignetting at the centre of the photo.

Move the slider to define the level of the gradient between the vignetting colour and the photo colour. Move it to the right to create a gradual gradient, or to the left to reduce the gradient effect.

To define a sharp oval frame, move the slider all the way to the left (value = 0).

Step 3

Click on the SAVE button to confirm your changes and to save your photo to the desired location.By default, Photo Focus suggests renaming your retouched photo as Photo_modified.jpg and saving it to the same directory as your original photo. You can choose a new name and a new location if you wish to do so. Click on OK to confirm your choice.

Adjust the slider in the window that appears to define the quality of your photo, then click on SAVE.