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How to save a cutout and use it later

Learn how to save your images as cut-out objects in Photo Studio so that they are ready to use in all your photomontages. This is handy for any images you regularly add to pictures, including logos and watermarks.

Step 1 – Cut out your image(s)

Open your first photo in Photo Cutter, and remove the background using the markers in the cut-out tool. To learn how to remove a photo background, read this tutorial.

Butterfly image before cutout

Butterfly image after cutout


  • After you’ve cut out your image, save it in .png format.
  • Repeat for any other images you want to save.

You now have a cutout object that you can use in any of your Photomontages. Next, we’ll show you how to add it to a new photo.

Step 2 – Open your background image

Open the photo that you want to add the cutouts to, then click the Photomontage tab.

Tip: if your background photo doesn’t fit in the frame, you can either stretch it using the handles or crop the image to size after you’ve finished editing.


Photomontage iconBackground image in workspace


Step 3 – Upload your cutouts to the library

Now you can upload the cutout objects that you saved in Step 1.

  • Click the cut-out objects icon at the top of the Photomontage panel.
  • In the My cut-out objects section click the + then select your saved .png files from your folder.

Uploading cutouts to "my cutout objects"

You’ll see that your cutouts are now available in the my cut-out objects section. They’ll stay here unless you delete them, so you can now use them in any photomontage.

Step 4 – Add your cutouts to the background

To add one of your cutouts to the background image, simply double-click it, or drag and drop it onto the workspace.

Adding cutout objects to a photo

  • Use the image handles to arrange the cutouts against the background.
  • Adjust opacity to help the objects blend into the photo.

Opacity slider and Reorder menu

Tip: use the re-order panel to bring an image forward, or push it backwards in relation to others.

Step 5 – Save your finished photomontage

When you’re happy with the size and position of your cutouts, save your finished photomontage.

Finished photomontage

Remember that your cutouts are now saved in the My cutout objects section, ready to use in your next photo.

Example photomontage with cat and butterfly cutoutExample photomontage with child and butterfly cutout

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