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How do I change JPG files to PNG format?

It's easy to change JPG to PNG using an online tool like inPixio's PNG converter. Alternatively, you can use the default image software on your Windows or Mac computer to convert JPG to PNG.

What's special about PNG files?

The PNG format (a.k.a. Portable Network Graphics) is a type of Raster image in which the PNG image adjusts its gamma depending on your monitor settings. Gamma adjustment is the ability to adjust for color differences between computer systems, allowing consistent color display across platforms. This ensures that the way your image file appears on one device will be consistent across all devices, whether at home or on the go!

Do PNG files support transparency?

Yes, PNG images are raster images that can support transparency. To get a PNG with a transparent background you can use our online transparent background maker.

When to use PNG vs JPG files?

Use PNG when you need higher image quality, or transparency, and file size is not an issue. Use lighter JPG files for fast loading on websites etc. Learn more about the differences between JPEG and PNG file types.

Can I convert back to JPG?

It is possible to convert your Portable Network Graphic file back into a JPG. Online PNG to JPG converter tools are available that work in web browsers and will attempt lossless compression of your former PNG image file to maintain image quality.

Does inPixio provide other online tools?

The PNG converter is just one of several tools we offer. Try our other tools for image file conversions, such as PNG to PDF. We also offer solutions for changing a background, adding text to photos, and generating Memes from your images for free! Our advanced yet easy-to-use photo editing tools are accessible as download applications for your home or work computer.