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Photo Studio Tutorials

Navigating the main interface – the basics

inPixio Photo Studio has a simpler interface than many picture editors and doesn’t take long to learn. Here are 5 essential things to know to find your way around more quickly.

1. Tabs and Tools

All editing tools are stored in tabs in the right-hand panel. Click on a tab to open the editing options inside. Some tabs contain multiple tools which you can expand or collapse by clicking them.






2. Navigator and Zoom Options

At the top of the right-hand panel you will find the navigator and zoom options.

Zoom options

  • Use the slider to zoom in or out of your picture.
  • Click 1:1 to view your picture in real size in the workspace.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon to fit your photo to the workspace.

The navigator shows which part of the image is visible in the workspace.

  • Move the box with your mouse to show a different part of the image in the workspace.


3. Before/After View

Compare your edited picture to the original using a before/ after view.

  • Click the “Switch between before and after views” icon in the top toolbar.
  • Select one of the before/after views from the dropdown menu.

Before/after menu

Editing in before/after mode helps you keep track of changes as you work.

Before/after example

To leave before/after mode click the “Single view” icon to the left of the before/after menu.

Single view

4. Filmstrip

The filmstrip lets you navigate your folders and open new images.

  • Click on the small arrow at the center bottom of the workspace to open the filmstrip.
  • Click any image in the filmstrip to open it in the workspace.


The filmstrip can also help you organize and filter your images, and apply some basic edits.

5. Customizing your interface

The bottom panel containing the filmstrip and the right-hand panel containing the tabs and editing tools can be expanded or collapsed using the small arrows.

This gives you more space to view your image.

Full view of image with collapsed panels

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