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Best Free and Paid Photoshop Textures of 2020

Add visual effects to surfaces or objects with these professional and seamless textures for Photoshop. Improve your photos and art projects with soft, sharp and grunge textures or enhance your designs by emphasizing details.

InPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro

Photo Studio ProPhoto Studio 10 is an advanced photo editor for quick and deep color correction of your images, portrait retouching and creating effects using textures.
InPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro supports RAW files, contains a number of textures and presets. Use this application to add surficial or abstract textures to your pictures.

15 Seamless Textures for Photoshop

By using the fastest way of adding textures in Photoshop , you’ll be able to apply them while working with pictures or drawing to give them a film look, add noise, brightness, grunge effect, and more.

1. Grunge Textures


This Photoshop texture pack in grunge style offers you 10 free personalized pictures with varying levels of grain and dirt. Add muted tones, bleak shades and scratches to your photos for conveying the aging effect.
Use them as a background or mask to recreate the desired effects. Together with film or grunge Photoshop overlays you will get a more realistic look.

2. Paper Textures


Apply this Photoshop texture collection to your photo backgrounds, business cards, printed ads or invitations, if you want them to look more attractive. You can apply the effect of crumpled or flat paper with different tints.

3. Free Watercolor Textures for Photoshop


Use these textures for creative photo manipulations and designs to add gentle watercolor strokes to your work. Apply a storm effect, sea spray, haze, metal, pastel or sunny look and more. If you are going to add the same effects with your videos, you may get professional video overlays and LUts.

4. Grass Textures


These free textures for Photoshop will make grass clearer and more detailed. Besides, they help repair bad areas in your landscape, real estate, wildlife shots, etc. Each texture in the collection has a high resolution, so it will not be too stretched or blurry in your pictures or projects. For professional color correction of your interior or exterior photos, use Adobe Lightroom presets.

5. Stone Textures for Photoshop

These are the best Photoshop textures for street style pictures. Apply the stone textures to your design if you want to emphasize small details and boost shadows. Find the necessary one – dirty, natural, heavy, light or golden stone for your needs to recreate the desired effect more accurately.

6. Wood Textures Collection

This collection of free wood textures will make your advertising projects ideal. You can take a picture of a Waldorf salad, for instance, and place it on a walnut wood texture for Photoshop. Such an effect helps promote your small business and attract an audience on your food Instagram account.

7. Fabric Textures for Photoshop

If you think that your design can benefit from a “textile” feel but you need something unobtrusive, check out this collection of fabric textures. It includes many different high-resolution effects imitating cotton, denim, linen, Lycra, silk, etc. Highly recommended for headshot photo editing together with Photoshop plugins and filters.

8. Leather Textures Collection

Whether you are a designer or photo editor, be sure to download this leather Photoshop texture pack. Paint over dirty parts or make the material of your subject even more saturated by applying a mask.

9. Water Textures for Photoshop

Make your sea vacation photos more attractive or even dramatic by applying one of these 30 seamless water textures. They improve the weather quality by making it azure, clean and transparent (when adjusting the opacity sliders). If you failed to do it realistically, outsource your photos to professional photo retouching services.

10. Sand Textures Bundle

Simulate the textured background in your image or make the photo softer with these sand free textures for Photoshop. 40+ textures are suitable for different genres of photography and designs.

11. Marbles Textures

Add these textures to your exterior/portrait pictures where the main background is the wall. They will replace the boring gray wall with beautiful luxury marble adding a visual appeal to your photo composition.

12. Paint Textures for Photoshop

Diversify your portrait images with beautiful colorful strokes. Decorate clothes creatively or paint an object focusing on it. A collection of 30+ textures includes different colors: from soft and bright to cool and rough strokes.

13. Brick Textures

These are Photoshop textures with 30+ brick styles, from classic red and white to maroon and black. By adding one of these textures, you will instantly improve the picture and make it more attractive. A great bundle for interior designers.

14. Glitter Photoshop Textures

Add creativity to your photos with these universe-like textures. You can put them outside the window, on the smartphone screen, portrait background, etc. 50+ textures will provide you with different types and colors of star glare.

15. Natural Tree Textures

Apply textures with 100+ real-live logs of trees over the photo or via a mask. They will add drama and emphasize the subject among other details. It is better to apply textures to design elements.