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Improve photos with a click of your mouse – with inPixio Photo Clip 9

This article relates to an old product. The latest version of Photo Clip is called Photo Studio 12.

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Improve photos with a click of your mouse – with inPixio Photo Clip 9

Photo editing has never been easier: inPixio’s new version of its best-selling inPixio Photo Clip editing tool now offers even greater ease of use and more options for retouching photos.

Trying to capture beautiful shots can be a frustrating task if everyday objects such as signs, cars, other people or unsightly items divert attention from the main subject. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply erase unwanted objects from your photos to transform them into miniature artworks? This is precisely what inPixio Photo Clip 9 offers users – at an affordable price, quickly and without extensive editing work!

Never before on this planet have we taken more photos – thanks in no small part to the ever-present smartphone, we are now capturing billions of images each year. Modern digital technologies in hundreds of millions of smartphones make it possible to take unbelievably high-quality photos and snapshots – often with only details detracting from a perfect overall effect.

From street signs to buildings, cars or even entire backgrounds –in the past, erasing or editing these details on a computer was a time-consuming and complicated task that could be achieved only by professionals using advanced equipment. But not anymore – thanks to inPixio!



inPixio Photo Clip 9 is designed for anyone who would like to improve their photos and offers an extensive range of features. From cutting out objects to editing or retouching details, changing colors in areas of an image, creating high-quality photo montages or intelligently optimising images with one-click correction – Photo Clip provides all the tools you need.



Useful assistance: video tutorials help you get started and provide detailed explanations of individual features. These easy-to-understand tutorials were added at the request of inPixio Photo Clip users and offer helpful guidance at all levels.



The inPixio Photo Cutter tool is another useful option to help you create excellent photo montages, opening up endless creative scope for retouching and recomposing images. Photo Clip also allows you to add new textures, cut out objects or add different backgrounds to transform your photos.



The new Professional Version of inPixio Photo Clip includes some impressive additional features, such as inPixio® One-Click Image Correction that uses smart technology to automatically improve your photos. The Professional Version also includes over 100 text and sticker template stamp tools as well as automatic red eye correction and colour effects (LUT packages) which significantly reduce time and effort for different optimisation steps.



Anyone wishing to start experimenting with the comprehensive features of the more inexpensive, simple version of Photo Clip 9 can upgrade later to the Professional Version at any time. We all undoubtedly have countless gems in our photo collections that are simply waiting to be transformed into artworks in a few simple steps with inPixio Photo Clip 9!

Overview of inPixio Photo Clip 9 features:

  • Cop and cut out photos and images

  • Remove backgrounds behind objects and people
  • Create photo montages
  • Erase objects, people or backgrounds
  • Remove unwanted areas: shadows, fields, watermarks, etc.
  • Remove scratches, creases, blemishes, etc


  • Clone tool

  • Easier to use, with fewer clicks and more effective algorithms
  • Import a background or select one of the available backgrounds
  • Feature for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and by email


inPixio Photo Clip 9 new features:

New! inPixio® One-Click Image Correction – Amazing pictures in just one click

New! 30 mini-videos explaining the tools – New Correction Patch tool

Improved: erase or clone areas of images

New! Automatic Red Eye Correction

New! Choose from over 100 stickers and text templates

New! Import and edit multiple photos in one editing project

New! Color Effects (LUT)