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The Best Free Greeting Card Software: Top 5

Creating your own greeting cards is a great way to send out a personal message to family and friends, it’s also a lot of fun to do. Thanks to free greeting card software in the form of download programs and online card makers, it’s easy to create customized cards for every occasion. The only question is:

What is the best software to make greetings cards?

  1. Greetings Island
  2. Canva
  3. Adobe Spark
  4. Greeting Cards Studio
  5. Fotojet

A good free card maker will come with a generous selection of templates for different occasions. Templates are useful because they let you achieve a more professional look more quickly. However, you also want a software that provides options and features for personalizing your greeting cards. For example, font choices, colors and image editing. Here we bring you the top greeting card software of 2023 that won’t cost you a penny!   Birthday Card On Laptop


Greetings Island

Greetings Island provide an online card maker software that lets you create beautiful greeting cards easily. You can choose from traditional folded cards and image e-card formats. There is a wide of selection of card templates covering every occasion, and we mean EVERY occasion: birthdays, anniversaires, holidays, graduations, even teacher appreciation. Start by choosing one of the free templates, then add your own personal touch to the design with photos and text. Every page of the card is customizable, with the option to reshape your images and add filters. If you need some inspiration for what to write, the software also provides message suggestions – simply click one to add it to your card. Once you are happy with your greeting card design, you can print directly from the browser. Then all you have to do is fold and send. Alternatively, you can download and save your card as a PDF. By creating an account with Greetings Island, you also have the option to send your card directly to the recipient by email. Free cards do contain a watermark, but on folded cards this is on the back, like on shop-bought greeting cards.

Greetings Island Free Greeting Card Example

Greetings Island Photo Card edited from template



Canva is an online graphic design application with a handy tool for card making. Its quality designs make it one of the best free ecard software around. Canva offers a large choice of attractive modern template designs. These templates are arranged by occasion which makes it easier to filter through the many designs. Once you’ve chosen your template you can start editing. Canva has a lot of fonts to customize your text. You can also add filters to your images for a professional-looking finish. It’s possible to add multiple pages to your card and insert as many images and messages as you like. A great feature of Canva is that you can work together with other people on a group card. Send the draft directly by email to friends to edit. Alternatively, you can copy the shareable link directly from the Editor. Canva recommends downloading in PDF format but you can also opt for a standard JPG. There is also a printing service available, although this is not free.

Let's Party Birthday Card

Birthday card template edited with Canva

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an online application which allows you to create lots of different designs for free. It is also one of the top free greeting card software on the web. You can create the perfect greeting card for almost every occasion with this simple tool. Card templates have a standard 5×7 inch format. Once you’ve chosen a base, you can personalize your card in lots of different ways. For example, you can customize colors and background design. You can also edit and animate text and add your own images. A nice feature of Spark is the extensive stock photo library. When you’re finished, click to download your card in PNG, JPG or PDF format. Adobe’s professional software can be quite complex, but this online app is fairly easy to use. The only downside is the Adobe Spark watermark, which appears in the corner of all free cards.

Puppy Birthday Card

Adobe Spark card template with image added

Greeting Cards Studio

Some people may prefer to download free greeting card software to their computer, instead of working online. If that sounds like you, then this Windows-based card maker is a great choice. The Greeting Cards Studio app is easy to download from the Windows Store and quick to install. The interface is simple and easy to operate. The templates are less polished than some other apps. However, this leaves you more room to be creative and customize your design. The app lets you add multiple photos and resize them to fit the frame. The text option gives you all the familiar fonts available in apps such as Microsoft Word. There are also lots of text color choices, which help to match your text to your images. With this Windows app you also have the possibility to take a picture directly from your PC. You can then add this straight to your template. You can share your design with your contacts, download it as an image, or create a PDF. The only downside of this greeting cards software freeware is the watermark which is added to your card.

Framed Birthday Card

Birthday card created with Greeting Card Studio


Fotojet’s free app is another good choice if you want to make cards online. It offers a nice selection of free templates for different occasions. The templates range from cute and colorful to more traditional designs. Most of the cards are ready to use with minimal modification. This means that Fotojet is ideal for anyone needing to create a card in a hurry. However, it is also possible to customize your design. There are lots of possibilities for editing text and images. Fotojet also has nice background overlays, which can add a bit more color and texture to your card. The Fotojet card maker doesn’t require an account to use, which is another plus. Once you’ve finished your card, you can download it as JPG or PNG. Alternatively, you can share it straight to social media.

21st Birthday Greeting Card

Birthday card template edited with Fotojet


Which card maker – Conclusion

We have shared some of the top ways to create greeting cards via free software. For most people an online app such as Greetings Island, Fotojet, Canva or Adobe Spark will be an ideal choice. This is because these card makers are easy to use and make it possible to share greeting cards directly via email or social media. On the other hand, a great option for Windows 8 or Windows 10 users, is the Greeting Cards Studio app, which you can keep on your PC for whenever you need to make a quick card. Why not give these apps a try and see what works best for you? And while you’re here, check out our top Photo Card services, for when only premium printed cards will do.