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Photo Studio Tutorials

How to open photos

inPixio offers multiple ways to open pictures and navigate your folders with ease. You can quickly access recent images and save favorite folder locations. There are also sample images that you can use for editing practice.

Here are 3 ways to open a photo:

Start Screen

1. Opening a photo from the start screen

On the start screen, there are 3 options for opening a photo:

Startscreen open options

  • Click Open and choose a photo from your files.
  • Select Recent Files to view photos that you have recently edited. Click on a photo to open it.
  • Select Samples to view a selection of practice images. Click on a photo to open it.

Opening a sample photo from the start screen

2. Opening a photo from the main interface

To open a new photo from within the workspace, go to the top left-hand menu:

  • Click open to select a photo from your folders.
  • Click open a recent file to go directly to a recently edited picture.

Open menu inside the program

3. Using the filmstrip to open a picture

The filmstrip lets you navigate folders on your PC from within the main interface. It displays all the photos in your selected folder as thumbnails.

  • Click on a photo in the filmstrip to open it in the workspace.

You can change the folder and access different images using the icons or the address bar.


  • The left and right arrows take you back to your previous folder or forwards to your most recent folder.
  • The vertical arrow takes you up one level in your folders.
  • The address bar shows your current folder location, and lets you move between locations at each level of the folder address, using the small arrows.
  • The folder icon opens a Windows explorer so that you can choose a new folder to display.

Tip: you can also use the filmstrip to filter and organize your images

Creating a favorite location

The Star icon is the favorites button. This adds your current folder location to your list of favorites. Clicking on the arrow next to the star brings up the list of your favorite locations, for quick access.

Favorites icon

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