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Photo Studio Tutorials

How to save and share photos

inPixio gives you lots of options for saving your pictures. You can also easily share them with friends on social media.

Save options window in main interface

1. Saving a photo

To save a photo, click the disk icon in the top toolbar. Alternatively, go to the top left-hand menu and select “Save”.

Save icons in the main interface

In the navigator that appears:

Save navigator

  • Select a file name and location for your photo.
  • Choose the file format you want to save in: JPG, PNG or TIFF.
  • Click Save.

This will open a popup window of additional save settings, which allow you to:

  • Select photo quality by moving the slider.
  • Resize your photo using the dropdown menu.

Save options window closeup

Checking the “more options” box lets you select which photo metadata you want to save.

Metadata save options

2. Sharing a photo

You can send your photos by email from the program. You can also share them directly to Twitter and Flickr.

Share icons in main interface

  • Click the Share icon in the top toolbar. Alternatively go to the top left-hand menu and select “Share”.
  • Choose an option from the drop-down menu.

Share menu

Send by email

In the popup window enter the following information, then click send:

  • your name and email address
  • the email address of the recipient
  • your subject and message (300 characters max)

Email share message

Share to social media

To share an image from inside the program, you first need to authorize inPixio to post to your Twitter or Flickr account.

Follow the instructions on screen to receive an authorization code. Then enter this code in the box provided.

Twitter login window

Twitter authorization window

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