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Best Photoshop Filters and Plugins for Creative Effects

Photoshop filter plugins give you a lot of advantages in saving time on photo editing. They’re suitable for nearly all kinds of photo genres as well as graphic design projects like creating banners, icons and logos.
Using filters is very simple. You need to click on the Filters section and pick a filter from the list.

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10 Best Photoshop Filters and Plugins for Creative Effects

Don’t know how to use Ps filters? All filters are basically effects or settings that are applied to an image to enhance it and make it more visually beautiful. The offered tools are compatible with Ps CS3-6, CC, and PSE 11-19.

1. Winter Photoshop Filters


This collection comes with 130 high-quality actions, 20 Ps brushes and 17 snow Photoshop overlays that can be used for various winter Photoshop manipulations. The bundle offers a nice balance of effects and is suitable for wedding, landscape, travel, portraiture, city, real estate, food, and lifestyle photography taken in winter.

2. Double Exposure Photoshop Plugins


The bundle comes with 26 actions and 13 Ps brushes. Actions are offered in ATN format and are fully compatible with CS3-6, CC, and PSE 11-19. Double exposure Photoshop filters plugins are perfect for marketing, web design, movie posters and all kinds of print media.

3. Cartoon Effect Photoshop Filters


Are you a fan of cartoons? By using these actions you can design amazing cartoon images without having to acquire any special skills. This bundle contains 7 actions and 40 add-ons. The included files are in ATN and JPG formats.

4. Cinematic Colors Photoshop Filters


Want to enhance your photographs with a stunning cinematic effect? This collection comes with 50 best Photoshop filters for color grading images based on film genres like Horror, Thriller, Western, etc. For improving your clips and Instagram stories use video LUTs for color grading and video overlays for adding unusual effects.

5. Classic Portrait Photoshop Plugins


This pack contains 80 high-quality actions. All it takes is one click to apply these actions and enhance your photos with a dreamy look and make the colors balanced. These tools are compatible with Photoshop CS3 and higher as well as CC.

6. Pastel Dreams Photoshop Filters


This bundle comes with 60 original actions for enriching images with soft pastel tones, a tender haze or creamy lighting. It’s perfect for portraits, engagement, baby, and wedding photos. For making photos pastel in Lightroom, use top Lightroom presets.

7. Rain Day Photoshop Plugins


The collection contains 30 tools for adding realistic rain to an image. The effects range from intense rain to a drizzle and you can customize them by changing the opacity or applying several overlays to the same photo.

8. Sun Rays Photoshop Filters


Sun flares are the best Photoshop filters for making the atmosphere of a photo more joyful. The added natural lighting makes the entire scene more breathtaking and adds warmth. This bundle comes with 40 overlays that will help you do just that!

9. Fairy Tale Photoshop Plugins


Do you want to add magical touches to your images? This collection contains 344 overlays and a 6-in-1 bundle of filters. It also allows you to apply different color palettes to enhance your children, wedding, event, and family photos. You can use these tools in Ps Elements, Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.Net, and several other programs that work with png overlays.

10. Bright Fireworks Photoshop Plugins


This bundle was created for adding festive elements or objects to a photo and enhancing images with colorful fireworks. It’s perfect for highlighting the cheerful, holiday feel. Whether it’s an event, birthday, wedding or portrait picture – you’ll find appropriate cool Photoshop filters inside this set as there are 55 of them here.

11. Moon Light Photoshop Filters


This collection comes with 45 original moon overlays and cross-processed filters. They look particularly great on city landscapes and images with a dark backdrop. The added moonlight introduces blueish and yellow tones that help create a dusk/dawn feel. Try these overlays out on your wedding, architecture, nature, and night photos.

12. Natural Tree Photoshop Plugins


This bundle contains 100 original textures for Photoshop that can be used for all sorts of graphic design works. For instance, the tree trunk texture can be a handy tool for creating a product photo for an online catalog or enhance interior photos.

13. Black Photoshop Plugins


This collection includes 30 textures that can be applied to layers that have near-black texture patterns or for designing dark backgrounds for websites and graphic design projects. Inside you’ll find grunge, cracked, tartan, and all kinds of other textures.

14. Green Grass Photoshop Plugins


This bundle comes with 40 grass textures, most of which are seamless. You can use them for both RAW and JPEG real estate photos. If you have many real estate photos that have to be edited fast, address a professional photo retouching service.

15. Brick Wall Photoshop Plugins


The collection includes 30 original textures that can be used as a grunge background for your street or interior photography. If you’re going for a brick or graffiti wall design, you’ll find several useful tools inside. The bundle also contains Photoshop CC filters ranging from old, cracked bricks to modern refined architectural textures that have a unique pattern.