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ТOP 10 Best Wedding Lightroom Presets in 2020

Photo FocusDownload these wedding presets to speed up color correction and edit more than 100 photos from a similar-style photoshoot in 2 clicks.

They are universal, compatible with all Adobe Lightroom versions: Lr Mobile, Lr 4, 5, 6 and CC and can be customized for any light. You can make wedding photo color correction and eliminate lighting flaws in several mouse clicks.

Photo Focus

Photo Focus offers all the necessary tools for creating sharp, clear, HD pictures. There you can improve the depth of field of your wedding photos by adding sharpness, soft focus and blur. Define a borderline between the background of a photo and its central part. Thus, you can emphasize important elements in your wedding pictures.

Create awesome photos using blur, sharpening or color settings. Save these settings as a custom preset. Photo Focus offers its own built-in presets to mimic the most popular effects.

10 Wedding Lightroom Presets for Photographers

Using these wedding Lightroom presets you will be able to improve your photos, adjust or correct colors, contrast, tone and exposure. You can also use creative matte and b&w presets to change the atmosphere of the entire shot or hide harsh light.

Once you learn how to install Lightroom presets , you can use them in Lightroom desktop and mobile versions.

1. Sunny Day Wedding Preset

Sunny Day Wedding Preset

If you want to add warmth to your wedding photos, these tools are just what you need. With them you can make your pictures softer and get rid of excessive brightness. Your final images will look gentle and sophisticated.

2. Matte Effect Wedding Preset

Matte Effect Wedding Preset

If your wedding pictures are too sharp and you want to add softness, use these matte wedding presets. They are perfect for bridal portraits as they make them look very tender. For further wedding portrait retouching, download Photoshop actions and Photoshop overlays.

3. Cold Wind Wedding Preset

Cold Wind Wedding Preset

If your wedding photos are too dark and you don’t want them to ruin the whole atmosphere of the wedding day, try these presets. They will make your photos brighter and imbue them with colors. These presets aren’t suitable for editing studio wedding photos.

4. Soft Skin Wedding Preset

Soft Skin Wedding Preset

These presets will help you even out the bride’s skin tone and make it soft and rosy in a matter of several seconds. They will make your photos soft and lighter. For high end skin retouching, address a professional wedding photo editing service.

5. Contrast Wedding Preset

Contrast Wedding Preset

These Lightroom wedding presets are ideal for editing images with low contrast. They will make your pictures look sharper, more vivid, with details accentuated. For color grading your wedding films, download wedding LUTs and video overlays.

6. Wedding Classic Collection of Presets

Wedding Classic Collection

These are amazing wedding Lightroom presets that mute bright colors. You can find 30 different plug-ins in this set. Using them you can improve your photos and create a special atmosphere. Naturally white dress is guaranteed.

7. Cloudy Wedding Preset

Cloudy Wedding Preset

These presets are among the best wedding Lightroom presets thanks to a special highlighting approach which allows turning an average picture into a masterpiece with perfect color balance and shadows. Highly recommended for outdoor wedding portraits taken at cloudy weather.

8. Brighten Wedding Preset

Brighten Wedding Preset

These presets are ideal for those who want to share the results of wedding photo editing on Instagram. They will create organic tones and add a film effect to your outdoor photos within seconds.

9. Sharpening Wedding Preset

Sharpening Wedding Preset

Use these presets to highlight the details of your wedding pictures. They will add sharpness and fix blurring. These wedding presets are perfect for enhancing close-ups and couple photos. For improving your photos background, download and apply Photoshop textures.

10. Black and White Wedding Preset

Black and White Wedding Preset

Using these classical wedding Lightroom presets you will achieve stunning black & white photos. These presets are very famous among professional photographers. There are 10 various effects in this set that will help you get the best results and hide harsh summer light.