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Top 5 Photo Retouching Services Review

Can’t find a reliable and inexpensive photo retouching service that guarantees realistic results? We’ve tested a bunch of options and selected 3 photo retouching services that offer the highest quality – FixThePhoto, WeEdit.Photos, and Wedding-retouching.

Each service specializes in different types of image retouching. We’ll help you determine which service will be the best fit for your specific needs. Read on to find our photo retouching services reviews.

InPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro

Photo Studio ProinPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro is a program designed for editing and enhancing images. It combines everything you can possibly need for high-quality and professional photo retouching.
The program includes creative effects, refined editing tools, a variety of frames and basic image management functionality. It also offers great performance without demanding powerful hardware.

1. Portrait Retouching Service – FixThePhoto


Modeling and photography agencies live and die by the quality of their images which often demand high-end portrait retouching. FixThePhoto has employed many experienced image retouchers who will ensure your portraits look exactly the way you want them to.

What’s even cooler, the price ranges from $2 to $10 per photo depending on the specifics of your request. FixThePhoto Photo Retouching Services also offer 15-30% off for loyal clients.


Most amateurish photographers tend to make their photos look unrealistic and plastic by going overboard with the portrait retouching. FixThePhoto excels at ensuring the models in your photos remain natural while still eliminating every possible flaw.

FixThePhoto Pro Retouching Services cost $5, but it’s possible to receive a 15-30% discount if you place a large order. The package includes detailed skin, teeth and hair enhancements, removing skin imperfections, teeth whitening, color correction, background enhancement and stray hair removal.

If you ever require high-end photo retouching services, the Extra Level Portrait Retouching for $10 per image includes everything one can do to a portrait – frequency separation, complex background adjustments, swapping body parts, cloth smoothening, Dodge & Burn, etc.


You don’t have to worry about the small imperfections on the model’s teeth or the poor lighting that adds a yellow tint to them. FixThePhoto’s experts will ensure the model’s teeth look pearly-white while maintaining their natural appeal.


Imperfect hair can look quite distracting and make the entire image turn out unprofessional. The retouchers delete stray hairs, increase the volume and boost the hair’s definition to make the photo look more polished and refined.

2. Wedding Photo Retouching Services – Wedding-Retouching


After a 12+ hour wedding photoshoot you can spend as much, if not more, time on culling and editing the images. Wedding photo retouching services are the quickest option for making the life of a busy photographer easier.

Wedding-retouching takes $129 for culling, color correcting and retouching a wedding photoshoot, and delivering the results to the happy newlyweds. They also offer a more budget-friendly service for $99 which covers culling and color correction of 700 photos.


It doesn’t matter how experienced you are during a photoshoot, you’re bound to take some poor and/or similar images that require culling. Any wedding package offered by this photo touch up service includes culling but you can also order it separately for $0.05 per photo.

Wedding-retouching has a time-tested method of culling photos, creating a collection of “essential” images paired with sincere, emotional shots that a less-experienced service might miss.


There are many crucial image retouching tips for wedding photography but probably the most essential one is to ensure the color correction is done coherently across all photos.
Wedding-Retouching allows you to show your usual image editing style to their experts and they will do their best to match it. If you want a retoucher to perform in-depth color correction on each photo, you can order a separate service for $0.20 per image.


The list of image retouching services provided by this company includes the Simple, Pro, and Advanced packages with prices ranging from $2 to $20 per image.

The Simple Plan offers basic photo retouching services and color correction, The Pro Plan includes professional image retouching, color correction and background adjustments while the Advanced Plan offers high-end photo retouching, color correction and stylization.

3. Glamour Photo Retouching Services – WeEdit.Photos


Quality glamour professional photo retouching is essential for presenting models in the best possible light, regardless of whether we’re talking about portfolios, ads, magazine covers or photos that were taken at various events.

WeEdit.Photos excels at this type of image retouching. Glamour image editing typically costs a lot of money, since it’s quite time-consuming but this agency offers such photo retouching services for $10 per photograph.


Artistic vision, cool effects and composition tricks are all useless if the skin in the photo looks imperfect. The retoucher’s job is to maintain the texture and skin details while getting rid of even the tiniest flaws to achieve a polished, glamorous look.


Having a random object pop up in the corner of a shot is a common problem that photographers have to deal with. However, since even the smallest detail can distract viewers from the main subject of the photo, all such defects have to be removed.
Regardless of how big or small the object is, this service ensures it will be removed without a trace.


A lot of retouchers don’t care about how good the makeup looks in the photo, even if it has obvious flaws. This pro photo retouching service takes special care when improving the eye color and makeup while preserving the model’s natural look and deleting all facial wrinkles.

4. Body Photo Retouching Services – Wedding-Retouching


Body retouching is one of the most complex and common tasks that every photographer faces. Be it morphing separate body parts or evening out the skin tone – it always requires skillful, high-quality image retouching.
Thankfully, Body Retouching is one of the best photo retouching services offered by Wedding-retouching. Such correction is included in packages priced at $5 and $10 per image.


When retouching the body and its features, many people fall into the trap of overdoing it and ending up with an unrealistic look. Meanwhile, Wedding-retouching focuses on locating the problems and getting rid of them.
As proven by numerous photo retouching services reviews, their retouchers carefully adjust the shape of separate body parts, delete all flaws and highlight the person’s most beautiful features. You can get all of that in the Pro Edit package for $5 per image.


If you’re interested in radical adjustments, then Advanced Edit for $10 per image should be a perfect choice. You’ll receive first-class image retouching, color correction, weight reduction and detailed background manipulations.
The retouchers also get rid of acne, wrinkles and all other imperfections that create color spots.


From the way makeup was applied to distinct tan levels and different ways light falls onto separate body parts – it’s quite common for the skin to have different colors in a photo. To ensure the portrait looks perfect, a retoucher eliminates all the skin tone differences creating a pleasant, uniform look.

5. Real-Estate Retouching Services – FixThePhoto


If you want to promote the property with maximum efficiency, you have to provide terrific images of both the exterior and interior. FixThePhoto offers the best professional photo retouching services when it comes to real estate and interior photography.
Typically, high-end real estate retouching is very expensive but they offer it at an attractive price that ranges from $2 to $10 per photo.


Interior lighting, outdoor weather, window tinting, camera settings and several other aspects can determine the color of the showcased property. Proper color correction will turn even bland, dim photos into brightly-colored, eye-catching images.
This photo editing service excels at adjusting and improving the colors without making them look unnatural allowing you to present the property most attractively.


One of the biggest faults of poor interior photos is the random objects placed here and there that make the place seem cluttered. Things like litter, dust, equipment pieces and distracting reflections should be deleted from your photos.
The professional retouchers from FixThePhoto can complete that task without any difficulty. They’re also capable of adding/replacing areas like skies and lawns and can even paste various furniture pieces to make the venue look more prestigious.


Digital photos have their limits in terms of depicting scenery with a high contrast range. It’s particularly true for photos taken in overly bright or very dark surroundings. The HDR retouching service comes in handy in such cases as it allows you to bypass the dynamic range limitations and boost the contrast of your real estate images.
FixThePhoto professionals provide highly-detailed and rich HDR photos that are great for a more impactful depiction of the intensity levels present in real scenery.

Best photo retouching services – Conclusion

Here we have detailed some of the top photo editing services for high quality image retouching. As shown, it’s important to consider the type of photo you need to edit and whether you’re looking for a really high end service package for professional photographers. However, all of these photo retouching services will be able to noticeably improve your images, without going overboard on the editing, so that you’re left with beautiful natural-looking photos.