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3 Reasons To Go Photoshop Free

3 Reasons to go “Photoshop free” with your image editing

Photo editing means Photoshop right? Not necessarily. While Adobe’s Photoshop app is famous across the image-editing world, it is not the only option worth looking at. In fact, many people will find that a Photoshop download is not the best solution for their editing needs.

Choosing photo software is no easy task, as there are many great programs available. It’s important to first ask yourself what you want to use your editing app for. It’s equally important to decide how much you want to invest, in terms of both money and time. Here are 3 reasons why, for some of you, Photo Studio might be a better option than Photoshop.

filter comparison

1. Get Photoshop-like features for a lower price

The Photoshop app provides tons of features, some of which you won’t find elsewhere. However, many of the most-commonly used tools in Photoshop are also available in Photo Studio.

A great example of this is the automatic erase function. Both Photo Studio and Photoshop contain a tool for removing objects from a photo by analyzing and replacing the background. The tools provide similar results, both successfully removing items and smoothing over the image.

Other popular edits, like changing backgrounds, combining images, and cloning parts of a photo are all available in Photo Studio. You can find out more in our full post on Photo Studio by inPixio Photo Software.

What’s more, the Pro version of Photo Studio includes a full editing module for enhancing and correcting photos. This provides features popular in Photoshop and Lightroom, including color adjustments, filters and perspective correction.

Photoshop is not a cheap app, especially if purchased on monthly subscription, so you need to be sure that it’s worth it for you. If you’re only using a small portion of available features for most of your editing, then you could consider trying a cheaper alternative. Photo Studio’s annual subscription is an affordable option that includes new versions and regular updates, without the advertising and watermarks that you get in free alternatives to Photoshop.

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2. Avoid features overkill with a simple interface

As well as being surplus to requirements, having lots of features that you don’t use can be a distraction. It can also make the editing process more cumbersome.

The Photoshop interface can be overwhelming for new users not knowing where to look amid the countless icons. This isn’t surprising when you consider that the Photoshop app caters to professional designers trained in advanced image editing tools.

On the other hand, Photo Studio focuses on providing essential tools for casual and amateur photo editors, looking for a fun editing experience that still provides high quality results. The tools and the interface are both designed with this in mind.

This explains, for example, why Photo Studio features 3 separate modules. This modular approach creates targeted, minimalist environments, where it is easy and fast to find the tools you need. inPixio developers put a lot of thought into creating the right amount of functionality for users without over-complicating the app.

You know how the old saying goes: sometimes less is more!

Photo Editor Interface

3. Get started faster with photo editing

Photoshop can be daunting for beginners and requires commitment to get to grips with all the different tools. However, almost anyone can master Photo Studio in a matter of days. If you have basic computer skills you will have no problem getting started.

Once you’ve got the hang of the app, editing in Photo Studio can be fast. We’ve even heard about Photoshop users who also own Photo Studio and use both. The explanation was that for quick editing, such as cutting out a photo background, Photo Studio simplifies the task. They later switch to Photoshop to add some finishing touches.

Because Photo Studio doesn’t use layers or masks the editing process is straightforward. This is compared to both Photoshop and free Photoshop alternatives, such as GIMP. You can remove edits with a simple undo button, or use easy correction tools to readjust your changes.

Photo Effect

Photoshop vs Photo Studio which to download?

Of course, the aim of this post is not to criticize Photoshop! It’s not for nothing that the Photoshop app remains popular with professional photo editors and designers around the world. For some people a Photoshop download will be the best option available.

At inPixio we believe that you should consider your photo editing needs, and choose an app that fits. So before you download Photoshop or any other editing app it’s good to decide what you want to create and why.

If you’re editing your photos for fun, and don’t want to make a big investment then a simple-but-effective app such as Photo Studio may be a better choice than Photoshop.