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Learn how to cut out sunglasses with InPixio Photo Clip

Edit your photos to create a unique photomontage with sunglasses.

Welcome, in this tutorial you will discover how to create a photomontage with sunglasses by using the cut-out tool.
To remind you; Photo Clip professional includes Photo Cutter, Photo Editor, Photo Eraser and Instacard.
Let’s start!

Step 1

Open Photo Cutter
Go in the module “Cut Out”, use the tool paint areas to remove.

Define 142 pixels for the Brush Size, a normal or better quality and 10% for the Edge blur.



Step 2

Paint the inside of the glass to remove it.


Step 3

Click on the brush “Paint areas to keep“. And change your brush size to 11 pixels.

Then select the upper part of the glasses that have been removed to correct it because we want to keep it. You will see it thanks to the green line you will make.


Step 4

Now for the last step: Add in your favorite background.

  1. Click on the photomontage tool
  2. Click on the + to select your favorite background from your computer
  3. Select your background
  4. Save your creation

glass6bYou have now finished your editing with Photo Clip !

To try it at home now to exercise yourself ?

Find below the original photo :