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Photo Studio 12.2 update brings improved auto-correction and new options

The second live update for Photo Studio 12 has just been released. The latest version includes improved auto-correction, as well as convenient new features.  Find out what’s in store for you in Photo Studio 12.2


Improved AI Auto-Correction

The auto-correction feature is one of the most popular tools in the Edit Photo module. It automatically boosts light and color at the touch of a button. In version 12.2 auto-correction gets a major AI upgrade for even better enhancements.

With the improved tool you can fully correct an under-exposed photo in just one click. This means less time spent adjusting sliders and settings and an easier, faster photo editing experience.

Comparing auto-correction results in Version 12.2 and 12.1 of Photo Studio


New Advanced Print Options

The new Print module provides convenient options to optimize your image before printing.

For example, you can adjust the size of your photo in inches and create prints in a specific format, such as 4×6. To access the resizing and reframing options, click Print in the top toolbar, then Placements.


Improved Dual Views

The dual view feature in the Edit Photo module is now also available in the Remove Background, Erase Objects and Sky Replacement modules.

Dual View allows you to preview your edits in multiple before/after views, making it easier to compare versions of an image and keep track of your edits.

Simply click on the Dual View menu in the top toolbar to select a side-by-side or split before/after view.

Screenshot - Erase Tool Dual View


Improved User Interface

The Photo Studio interface continues to develop for increased comfort and usability. In version 12.2 visual and ergonomic improvements make it faster to access certain tools and provide increased working space.


More about Photo Studio Updates

inPixio listens to user feedback and regularly updates Photo Studio to boost performance and reliability.

Updates can include interface, feature, and performance improvements, as well as minor bug fixes.

When an update is available, you will receive a notification on your computer, allowing you to download the latest version.


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