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Best Photography Magazines

Best photography magazines – Top Picks 2020-21

Are you looking for the best photography magazines around to give you the tips and inspiration you need for your pictures?

Best Photography Magazines

The good news is that there are photography magazines for every type of photographer and photo enthusiast. Magazines aimed at amateur photographers include helpful tips for improving your shots and finding inspiration. Those geared towards professionals cover the business aspects of photography, as well as equipment reviews. Then there are magazines that focus more on showcasing the creative work of photographers in different fields. We’ll introduce some of the top photo magazines in each category.

What are the best photography magazines?

It can be tough to choose from an array of great titles. That’s why we’ve put together a brief list of our top picks for this year. Featuring everything from free photography magazines online to magazines for professional photographers, you’re sure to find something for your interests.



If you’re looking for a photography magazine online for free, then look no further than ePHOTOzine. This site is home to heaps of interesting free content like smartphone reviews, as well as an active community of photo enthusiasts. ePHOTOzine is one of our best photography magazines for beginners thanks to its easy-to-follow tutorials for perfecting your shots. In the how to section you’ll find practical articles about common types of photography, such as landscapes, cityscapes and motion images.

Like most of the best photography magazines, ePHOTOzine also features equipment reviews. There is even a section dedicated to smartphone cameras, helping you to find the best device for your daily snapshots.

The photos section gives members a space to share their pictures, and is a nice source of inspiration. Basic membership is free and offers a number of benefits, such as the possibility to submit your own work for feedback.

Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer is one of the top photography magazines for photo fans and hobbyists. This UK-based publication is a great read for anyone learning photography. The how-to section offers a wealth of advice on photography and photo editing techniques, from camera skills to software tips.

This photography magazine offers fascinating insights into the world of photographers, through interviews and case studies. There are also gear reviews and a forum for readers to share their advice.

Amateur Photographer provides a large amount of free online content plus print and digital subscriptions, available in several countries. The full annual subscription costs £117.99 or around $150 US.


Aperture Magazine

Aperture is one of the top photography journals showcasing the work of professional photographers. The print magazine is published 4 times a year and each issue centers on a particular theme. Detailed essays and interviews accompany the beautiful photographs, so readers can learn the story behind each picture.

This photography journal is published by the not-for-profit Aperture foundation. Established in 1952 this multi-platform publisher also produces photo books, and organizes exhibitions and photo events.

It is possible to read some articles online or purchase a single issue of the photo magazine, which is great if you’re an occasional reader. Aperture also offers 3 different types of subscription. The full subscription, including print and digital copies, plus access to the entire archive of back-issues costs $110 per year.

Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor Photographer

If you’re a fan of photography and the great outdoors, then this is the photography magazine for you.

Outdoor Photographer is packed full of specialist tips on how to get the best out of your landscape and nature photos. This includes advice on equipment and photography techniques, as well as photo editing and post processing skills.

This outdoor photography magazine also offers insights from professionals, and a section devoted to travel, so you’ll know where to plan your next photography trip.
The magazine organizes contests and sets regular seasonal assignments for its members, allowing you to share your creations.

You can sign up for free and receive a weekly email newsletter containing tips and inspiration. You can also choose from a range of paid subscriptions and memberships offering different benefits. The annual print subscription costs only $15.97 and includes 11 issues. You can add in the digital version for an additional $5.

Black & White

Black & White Magazine

For photographers who are all about the monochrome images, Black & White is one of the best photography magazines around.

As the name suggests, this magazine is dedicated to black and white photography and contains a lot of atmospheric, retro images. The magazine is largely print-based, though you can get a taste of the content on offer via the articles on the website. The site also contains an extensive image gallery, great for inspiration.

Black & White features fascinating essays and interviews with photographers, often illustrated with vintage photographs. The magazine also organizes a lot of contests, and features the winners in special issues.

Black & White is published bi-monthly. You can purchase individual issues at $12 a piece, or opt for an annual print subscription for $35.

Digital Photo Pro

Digital Photo Pros

One of the top photography magazines for people looking to turn their passion into a profession is Digital Photo Pro.

This magazine aimed at professional photographers is a great source of information on everything from equipment to photo editing. The articles provide in depth descriptions of how to make decisions about your shoots, which can help you to really think like a photographer.

Because it is for professional photographers, Digital Photo Pro also offers business and legal insights, including information on topics such as copyright and stock photography. This is especially important for anyone starting out as a photographer.

You can access most content online for free which is another plus. If you’d prefer a print copy, it is possible to order back-issues for $6.99 each via the website.

Best photography magazines – Conclusion

This list gives you some of our picks of top photography magazines available this year. Of course, there are dozens of magazines about photography and every photographer will have their personal favorite. Our selection aims to provide a starting point for your reading.

Photography Magazine

If you’re interested in magazines for beginner photographers, a title such as ePHOTOzine or Amateur Photographer could be a good place to start, as these magazines aim to be accessible to all. They also provide a lot of tips that can help you getting started. For more professional insights, we recommend giving Digital Photo Pro a try, especially its business section. If you’re looking for a more artistic approach, then Aperture and Black & White are two of the best photography magazines for enjoying beautiful images and finding inspiration.

Most of the titles on our list offer both online and print content. It is possible to gain a lot of useful information via free websites, but there are also benefits from investing in a subscription, especially if you enjoy curling up with a “real” magazine. Most magazines offer a variety of subscription and purchase options to suit different preferences and budgets. In many cases, it is also possible to gift a subscription, making photography magazines a great choice of present for any photographer friends or family.