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Photo Eraser Tutorials

Using The Duplication Tool

How to use the duplication tool to erase the sea gull from the photo.

The Clone tool is used to manually paint one part of an image over another part of the same image.The Clone tool is complementary to the erasing tool. By using the Erasing tool blur marks on the picture can appear if done incorrectly. This tutorial will help you correct the interference with the erasing tool.

Step 1

Open the Clone module and click on the Source Point.

Step 2

Define 140 pixels for the Brush Size and 30% for the Edge blur.

Set Brush Sze

Step 3

Click here on the photo to define the start point which will act as a buffer.

Start Buffer

Step 4

Align the buffer with the horizon then click on the sea gull to erase it!

Align Buffer