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Photo Studio Tutorials

Using the Clone Stamp

How to use the Clone Stamp to delete an object from a photo.

The Clone Stamp is used to manually copy and paste one part of an image over another part of the same image. It can be used alone or together with the Erase and Correction Patch tools to remove something from a picture.

The Clone Stamp is particularly useful on more complex images where the Erase tool might leave a smudged background. You can use it to “reconstruct” detailed or intricate areas of a photo background.


Step 1 – Locate the Clone Stamp

From the Photo Studio start screen, select the Remove Objects tab, then click “Edit”. In the window that opens, select “Clone Stamp” from the tabs in the right-hand panel.

Clone Stamp tool


Step 2 – Select a source point

Under “Source to duplicate” click “Select” then click the area of your photo that you want to copy from. This area will be marked with a small cross.  In this example, we’ve selected part of the sky, which we will paste over the hot air balloon.

Your mouse pointer now displays a circle, which shows a preview of the content that you have copied.

  • You can enlarge or reduce the size of the circle using the Brush Size slider.
  • You can also adjust the brush tip, using the Hardness slider

Pasting over the area


Step 3 – Paste over the area to remove

Now position the circle over the item on your photo that you want to remove. Then click to paste the content over this area. In this example, we’ve pasted the section of sky over the hot air balloon to remove it.

Result after cloning


What else can you do with the Clone Stamp?

You can also use the Clone Stamp tool to duplicate an object in your image. The process is the same: click to select the area you want to copy, then paint with your mouse cursor to paste this item onto another area of the photo.