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10 Best Photo Restoration Services Online

Those who want to find professional photo restoration services online to save old or damaged pictures, can use one of these platforms offering advanced photo enhancement at an affordable price.

They will quickly remove scratches, raise brightness levels, restore missing areas or even colorize your old black-and-white photos, if necessary.

Photo Studio Pro

InPixio Photo Studio Pro

InPixio Photo Studio Pro is a software designed for editing and enhancing images. It allows you to cut out any objects from photos and create new backgrounds, photo montages or collages. You can also eliminate imperfections such as exposure imbalance, apply effects, add a frame or text using this software.

inPixio Photo Studio runs on the Windows OS. A clear interface allows the program to be used by both professionals and beginners.

1. FixThePhoto

Before/after photo restoration with Fix The Photo

Services Provided: Photo restoration, portrait, wedding, newborn, product, real estate photo editing, image manipulation

Pricing: Prices start from $0.20; photo restoration – $25, $35, $50 (depending on complexity of

a task)

Turnaround Time: 2-5 business days

FixThePhoto is a popular photo restoration service with an established reputation among the clients coming from all around the world.

On the official FixThePhoto website portfolio works are kept in the “Examples” tab. A user can order photo restoration online by sending an image and asking to enhance it following certain guidelines. Once a task is complete, a company sends a final version to a client.

FixThePhoto customer service is efficient and solves any issue in no time. They offer professional video and photo editing tools as Photoshop actions, Photoshop textures, Photoshop overlays, presets for Lightroomcolor grading LUTs  and video overlays.

What’s more, a user can get a special offer and save up to 50% by using FixThePhoto retouching services and Damaged Photo Restoration Package.  All in all, it’s a great option to test the service.

The company’s photo editors pay close attention to detail and make sure to restore a photo in a way a client wants. They delete all the flaws, make a photo look sharper and do deep color correction.

Closeup of photo restoration with Fix The Photo

It’s also possible to ask FixThePhoto team to work on blemishes removal and overall enhancement of a picture. As a result a photo becomes just like taken on the DSLR camera. There is a free revision option available in case a client needs to improve a photo even more.

2. We Edit Photos

Before/after photo restoration with WeEditPhotos

Services Provided: Culling, color correction, basic beauty retouching, body retouching, photo restoration, portrait, wedding photo enhancement

Pricing: Starting from $0.20 to $10 per image

Turnaround Time: 3-6 business days

WeEditPhotos is a well-known portrait and wedding photo retouching company that also offers clients to restore photos online. As they edit images by using only top photo restoration software, the result always exceeds expectations. On the official webpage, there are a lot of examples of their photo restoration works that demonstrate their highly-professional approach.

As the service has several contact options, a client can send pictures via Email, Dropbox or WeTransfer. People value this service for stunning color correction and perfect blemishes removal. Orders are being fulfilled on time. It usually takes around 3 days.

In our case, it was true. As a result, there will be no signs of visible damage and colors will be amazing.

Close-up of photo restoration with WeEditPhotos

However, if someone needs to restore a photo quickly, this is not the best option as FixThePhoto delivers results in less time.

3. DamagedPhotoRestoration Service

Before/after image restoration with Damaged Photo Restoration

Services Provided: Photo editing, water damaged photo restoration, photo repair, old photo colorization, old photo restoration

Pricing: $25, $35, $50 (depends on complexity of a task)

Turnaround Time: 4 business days

Damaged Photo Restoration is a photograph restoration service that specializes in photo restoration only. On their website there is information about three restoration levels (standard, premium, extreme) that differ in a price and a number of performed tasks.

Once we have submitted an order, photo editors start working on the photos. Usually, they deliver edited pictures within 5-6 business days. On average, it takes 4 days.

Close-up of photo restoration with Photo Restoration Services

While it is still longer than with FixThePhoto, the results are pretty decent. Photo editors restore a photo, make colors more saturated and raise sharpness. Here you can see how the guys did a good job with a shoulder.

While a price is quite high, the result is worth it. Also the customer service is helpful and effective. They will solve any issue in the nicest way possible.

4. Smooth Photo Scanning

Before/after image restoration with Smooth Photo Scanning

Services Provided: Photo restoration, photo and album scanning, negative scanning, video and broadcast tape transfer, custom photo slideshows

Pricing: from $0.27 for scanning, $39, $59, $79 (depends on level)

Turnaround Time: 7 business days

Smooth Photo Scanning is another pro-level company offering photo restoration services. They can restore and colorize old photos so that there won’t be any sign of cracks, blemishes or tear. If a part of a photo is missing, the photo editors can recreate a photo in the way it was supposed to be.

A company specializes in digital restoration and doesn’t offer image retouching services. They can’t restore a source picture as well – they work only on a scanned digital copy. Once a photo is restored, a client can print it.

Close-up of image restoration with Smooth Photo Scanning

In our case, it takes up to 7 business days to restore a photo. While an overall result is not perfect, a photo will look better than before without any visible cracks.

The photo editors perform face retouching and color correction as well. However, it’s not a great value for money.

5. Image Cleanup

Before/after photo restoration with Image Cleanup

Services Provided: Image restoration, image masking in Photoshop

Pricing: Prices start from $2; photo restoration – $25

Turnaround Time: 7 business days

Image Cleanup offers basic and pro-level online photo restoration. The company can remove blemishes and scratches, repair visible damage and colorize a photo.

They have an inconvenient website with an outdated design. Users can find portfolio examples in a blog but there are so few of them.

Close-up of photo restoration with Image Cleanup

When we get the first edited version of the photo pretty quickly, there were some problems with skin tone and sharpness. However, we ask the photo editors to correct a photo following revisions.

All in all, it takes around 6 days to enhance a photo and a result is not all that impressive. Only the texture of the jacket was preserved. Other similar companies can deliver better results in less time.

A client should also be ready to wait for revisions to be applied.

6. PhotoFixRestore

Before/after image restoration with PhotoFixRestore

Services Provided: Photo repair and restoration, DIY photo resizing

Pricing: A custom price estimation

Turnaround Time: 4 business days

PhotoFixRestore is an average photograph restoration service when a user needs to restore faded, scratched or otherwise damaged old pictures.

They promise to analyze color shifts, enhance saturation, make black-and-white photos sharper and remove any sign of damage caused by dirt, folding or scratching.

However, the official website is quite inconvenient to use if you compare it to competitors. The interface looks messy and you have to check a lot of tabs to find a price-list that seems to be curiously absent.

Close-up of image restoration with PhotoFixRestore

When we send a photo, a result was sent back in 4 days. However, colors might look unnatural and sharpness is disappointing. You can see the increased graininess on the photo.

The customer service is slow to respond and doesn’t tackle issues well.

 7. Scancafe

Before/after photo restoration with Scansafe

Services Provided: Scanning negatives and photo restoration

Pricing: Prices range from $1 to $88

Turnaround Time: 8 business days

ScanCafe is an online photo editing service that can scan negatives, slides, video footage and perform photo restoration online.

While confusing website design might put off some users, they will still manage to find all the tabs they might need. Under the “Quality & Safety” tab a client can find information about the photo restoration process and professional software used by the team.

This is the case when both quality and support service leave much to be desired. For the first time we received a photo of poor quality, there seemed to be no restoration, for a long time we could not contact the support service and after a few days only we managed to do it.

Close-up of photo restoration with ScanSafe

However, even when we received a revised version, it might still be too poorly edited. It was a blurry photo and without any textures. There were some complaints about color and contrast level issues.

8. Forever Studios

Before/after image restoration with Forever Studios

 Services Provided: Scanning photos, film and audio transfer 

Pricing: $35

Turnaround Time: 5 business days

Forever Studios offers photo restoration services, digitalizes 8mm films, scans photos and 35mm slides.

While they send the first version of a restored photo in 2-3 business days, a revision process might take an additional 2 days because of numerous flaws.

Close-up of photo restoration with Forever Studios

For some reason, the retouchers leave some parts intact. The unedited parts contrast sharply with the edited ones. A skin tone might look artificial. As a result, we got a completely blurred photo.

Another shortcoming is a low quality of customer support. They don’t always answer which is why it takes a long time to solve any issue that might arise.

9. ColorExpertsBD

Before/after image restoration with Color Experts International

Services Provided: Photo restoration, 3d modeling

Pricing: from $4.49

Turnaround Time: 6 business days

Color Experts International offers a wide array of services. They can restore a photo, remove background, create 3D objects and a design. The company has been delivering its services for more than 30 years.

Customers praise a convenient interface that allows making order quickly. However, the company’s approach to photo retouching is outdated. The editors make the edges of a photograph look softer but they leave faces and the rest of a photo virtually untouched.

Color correction quality is insufficient as well.

Close-up of photo restoration with Color Experts

Addressing their customer support we were informed that we had to pay for additional revisions. But even after that nothing has changed and people on the photo look like zombies.

10. VistaPix Media

Before/after image restoration with VisaPix Media

Services Provided: Photo restoration, video and film transfer

Pricing: Hourly rate of $29

Turnaround Time: 2 hours

VistaPix Media is a family-owned service that offers picture restoration online. They also scan photos and slides as well as digitalize videos.

While they claim on their website that they offer a unique approach to any task and strive to meet the expectations of their clients, it doesn’t quite correspond to reality.

Close-up of photo restoration with Vistapix Media

After making an order, we might be informed that a task is too complex. Sometimes, when a company refuses to do a job, they offer no explanation whatsoever.

If they work on the tasks that require advanced image editing, a result might be quite disappointing as a photo doesn’t seem to be retouched at all. The company doesn’t offer revisions either.