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Top 10 Free and Paid Photoshop Actions for Portraits

Using the best Photoshop actions for portraits you can enhance the model’s skin, change the brightness and shades of lighting with one click. Improve your studio and street portraits to the smallest detail to dazzle Instagram followers or attract new customers thanks to your cool portfolio.

Photo Studio 10

Photo Studio ProBy downloading Photo Studio 10, you get a good alternative to Photoshop. It will allow you to delete or change the background, remove or cut unwanted objects to use them in other photos. Moreover, Photo Studio 10performs most operations automatically.

Besides, you can use tools for photo auto-correction and professional styles for changing hues, brightness, and contrast that is good for amateurs.

10 Free and Paid Photoshop Actions for Portraits

All these Ps actions work in the Adobe Photoshop Desktop. To start using them, you need to follow some simple steps from this guide on how to use Photoshop actions. Remember that after applying actions, you can adjust some settings to your preference.

1. Outdoor Portrait Photoshop Actions


This collection has 290 actions for enhancing portraits. Using them, you will add brightness and light to photos. At the same time, the natural charm of the characters is preserved. Give your photo warm brown tones or emphasize cool blue hues.

2. Studio Portraiture Photoshop Actions


You will get 5 actions by downloading this collection. They will help smooth out some flaws on the face, add some shining and a pink tint to the cheeks. This collection will allow you to edit portrait photos in RAW and JPEG format in several clicks.

3. Low Poly Photoshop Actions for Portraits


This collection of 4 Photoshop portrait actions will help create abstract geometric images. Your photos will consist of hundreds of tiny geometric shapes. Create your own composition of lines, polygons, and shapes in one click. For a more surreal look use Photoshop textures.

4. Cinematic Photoshop Actions for Portraits


The Cinematic Collection consists of 220 actions for portraits. It is based on the aesthetics of the color grading of popular movie genres, such as horror, western, soap opera, and others.

You can add contrast to your images, change hues, and make colors brighter. If you have a behind the scene video and you want to make it in the same style as your photos, download and apply these LUTs and video overlays.

5. Oil Painting Portrait Photoshop Actions


Using free Photoshop actions for portraits from the Oil Painting collection, you’ll turn photos into works of art. You can use a variety of colors, shapes, swirls, adjust contrast, and brightness. The pack features 6 actions for RAW and JPEG images.

6. Cartoon Effect Photoshop Actions for Portraits


A collection of 7 actions is designed to add cartoon mood to your portrait photos. You will get unusual portraits with pronounced pixelation or the effect of a painted picture. Moreover, you’ll find 40 extra add-ons in the collection.

7. Professional Sketch Photoshop Actions for Portraits


With these 5 actions from the bundle you can turn photos into drawn sketches. Transform the image into a single-tone portrait drawn with a pencil or into a bright colorful drawing. In addition to the Photoshop actions for portraits, the collection also contains 18 brushes and 15 patterns.

8. Vintage Colors Photoshop Actions for Portraits


To add a vintage effect to portrait photos, just apply one of the 40 actions from this collection. These Photoshop actions for portraits will help you make the photo look old-fashioned and add vintage tones.

You will be able to apply dripping gold actions, molecular effect actions, and more. As a complement to the collection, there are 10 Photoshop overlays. For editing portrait in Lightroom, download top Lightroom presets.

9. High End Retouching Photoshop Actions for Portraits


Download these High End Retouching Photoshop Actions to turn your portrait photos into fashion magazine cover art. You will get pictures with professionally edited skin, flawless make-up, and harmonious color scheme. The collection contains 90 amazing actions. If you don’t want to do it on your own, let experts from photo retouching services make deep high-end retouching at an affordable price.

10. Classic Portrait Photoshop Actions


This collection of classic Photoshop actions for portraits consists of 80 powerful picture editing tools. You can add brightness and contrast to photos, make colors more saturated and sunnier. This pack is suitable for portraits taken both outdoors and indoors.